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2005 Miami International Boat Show
Catamarans dominated at the Miami Boat Show this year.
As a bit of background, I should mention that
we've been considering the purchase of a
powercat for over a year now. I became
intrigued by the powercat's ability to go fast
without the excessive fuel burn of a monohull.
Don & Ruth Kalen's exploits aboard their
Endeavour TrawlerCat 36 (well documented
on their
website) caught our attention and
Endeavour TrawlerCats became our prime
focus for a time.

Then we began looking at the growing number
of alternatives (
Passagemaker's April 2005
issue lists 32 powercats!) and we found that, if
it's fuel economy vs.speed that you want,
Endeavour is by no means at the top of the list.  
Their 36-footer uses twin 125-hp engines for a
relatively modest 12-kt cruise speed with about
an 8 gal/hr fuel burn. (The larger 38, 40 and 44
Endeavours use 240-hp engines for a 15-16 kt
cruise speed while burning about 13 gal/hr). I
also learned that while the manufacturer claims
Some PDQ personalities with added background -- including the spokes-model
Dartmouth Winter Carnival photo
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Just back from the Miami Boat Show, I had a chance to
look at some of the competition. Some non-cats I found
appealing were the Camano 31 and the American Tug 34,
but these offer much less living space, deeper draft and
higher fuel consumption than the PDQ. As for power cats,
most of the available models are much bigger and more
expensive than the PDQ. Perhaps the closest competitor
will be the new Fountaine Pajot Highland 35 coming out
this spring, but for me, the Euro-styling is a bit much!

There's also the question of customer support -- which
might be an issue with several of the imported cats. I met
a number of PDQ owners at the show and heard nothing
but heartwarming praise for their factory support. At an
evening get-together I met several PDQ personalities and
snapped the photo below.  Shown (from L to R) are James
Power, spokes-model
"Adventurera", Salwa Farah, Rob
Poirier, Jackie Power and Vicki Derusha.
a 13,000-pound displacement for the Trawler-Cat 36, the actual weight (of a recently-launched boat without cruising gear) is
closer to 18,000 pounds -- this according to an e-mail from the owner. Light weight is an important factor in the performance
of power cats.