It was fun to go aboard and see the custom features specified by individual owners.  Rob Poirier, PDQ Sales Manager
and our host, pointed out however that they really try to discourage major changes because of the cost -- to PDQ and
to the customer.  Since they're now building two powercats per month, a custom change which adds a week of
building time, costs them, in effect, half the price of a new boat.  Scary!

A major plus (for us anyway) of the PDQ is their high production -- we expect ours (scheduled for delivery May
2006) to be a hull number in the mid 90's.  The boats have evolved over the years by incorporating the feedback of
some 60+ owners.  This shows in a myriad of details and in the general sophistication of the mechanical design.  Their
obsessive attention to weight (reminds me of an aircraft company) really pays off in performance and economy.  More
changes are planned for the 2006 model year, these will make their debut at the Annapolis powerboat show next fall.

I'm still looking for some good performance data on the 100-hp option.  Hopefully this will be forthcoming as about
half the new boats are now 100-hp powered.  On the long-range cruising question, they informed us that a 34
powercat had just returned from a 6-month cruise down through the Western Caribbean -- venturing as far south as
Rio Dulce (Guatamala).  The full story will soon appear in the "features" section of the PDQ website.  Apparently they
were able to make the 350-nautical-mile run from Key West to Isla Mujeres (Mexico) on a mere 120 gallons of fuel.  I
gather they endured some pretty rough weather as well and were happy with the way the boat came through.  I'm
looking forward to learning all the details.  (This is a trip we'd like try with our own powercat one of these days).

FLASH!  The Ozimek's story is now available on the PDQ website -- click here to read.  (05/15/05)

The factory visit reaffirmed our choice of the PDQ.  Now, we just have to wait another long year before we can take
delivery of our very own "Sno' Dog".
                                                                                                                                    Henry  -  05/05/05

FLASH! FLASH!  Our NEW WEBSITE is now up and running -- it will take the place of this one.
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PDQ Factory Visit  -  April 29, 2005
Last week, Nancy and I traveled north to Whitby, Ontario (8-hr drive from Hanover, NH) to visit
the PDQ factory.  I gotta say, 14 virtually identical powercats lined up at the dock makes a pretty
impressive sight!  (I suspect it's the largest concentration of powercats in the world at this moment).
The boats appear to go on forever!  Yellow-hulled "Lu Lu" was out for a Sea trial when I took this shot -- she was in the first slip.
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