Hoversite 2003
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Summer 2004
Water Pix!
Here I am streaking across Goose Pond.  Using a handheld GPS, I recorded a steady 44.8 mph at 3450 rpm.     
I believe the engine governor is still limiting speed, so higher speeds may be possible.  I gotta say, 45 mph in
this thing feels like 60!  (I'm beginning to feel like 60 myself on some days!)
One thing we've got to do is to beef up
the windshield frame, it starts to fold at
windspeeds over 40.

All in all, I'm very happy with the design.  
It certainly does everything they (UH) say
it will do.  It's a very FUN machine!

On August 22, my visiting
mother-in-law's 78 birthday, I took her
out for a not-too-wild ride, and my wife
snapped the photo below which we made
into a birthday card for her.  She can
hardly wait to see what I come up with
next year -- she has gamely ridden in
every contraption I've come up with over
the years including several boats, a
motor-glider, and various and sundry
ultralights and amphibs.
Here, my 15-year-old son Mike is speeding across Goose Pond in a light chop -- note the almost non-existant wake.
So far, the machine has survived all his wild antics  -- a  great testimony to the integrity of the design, if you ask me!
Mike coming in slow for a beach landing.
Birthday card for my Mother-in Law
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