Maine 2009 - Page 2 - Matinicus Island
This was the headline on the cover of the Bangor Daily News on the morning we set out for Matinicus Island -
not too reassuring!  My daughter, Meg who met us in Rockland works as an RN in the emergency room in
Lewiston, ME and she was on duty when they brought in the lobsterman who was shot.  Nevertheless, we forged
ahead with our planned trip to Matinicus - the farthest out island off the Maine coast.
At the wharf  (where the shooting occured 2 days ago) this lobster man,
Biscuit, was very friendly and gave Eva some hermit crabs.  
Earlier, out at the boat, he gave us a
shedder, a small lobster (see photos).
Meg (nervously) holding the lobster
given to us by
Biscuit, the lobster man.
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Heading out of Rockland.  Meg and Rose at the helm.
With daughter Meg, her husband Paul and their
kids Eva & Rose, we headed out...

07/22/09 - 8:30 AM - Dep Rockland Public Ldg.
               9:00 AM - Owls Head, into the
             10:15 AM - Arr: Matinicus Island
We were greeted by a friendly lobster man who
offered us an overnight mooring - without
charge!  Turns out, the other tourists had all left
the island because of
the incident.  He'd not seen
today's paper; when we showed it to him, he just
shrugged and said "the
Lobsta Wahs are no good
for any of us!"
We dinghied ashore (there's no dockage here) and
headed up the road for the Wednesday Craft Fair.
After boiling.  He was very tasty - and fresh!
Meg & Eva seated on chairs made from lobster traps.  They are for sale
for a mere $144 apiece.  I think they should call them
Tourist Traps!
In the store, they had "Eva Cookies".  Turns out
the local Baker is named Eva.  We met her later.
Granddaughter Eva, age 7, happily running the dinghy - at speed!
We spent a very pleasant day and night at
Matinicus Island, the people couldn't have been
friendlier!  At the Wednesday Craft Fair (11 AM
to 1 PM), we were the only tourists, they were
very glad to see us!  Times are tough for lobster
men right now anyway, and the
Lobsta Wars
are not helping.  The Maine Dept. of Fisheries
tried to impose a 2-week ban on lobstering around
Matinicus, but they reneged after a couple days.
Arriving back at the boat, we were greeted by Rose!
Object d'Art in Matinicus field - click photo to see full size.
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Family dinghy outing.   Rose, Paul, Eva and Meg at the controls.
The missionary boat Sunbeam V "docked" at Matinicus Wharf.  They come in on
high tide and rest against the pilings at low tide.  This is the only way a boat can
dock here.  There are no floating docks or piers with water at low tide.
Low tide ladder.  Meg climbing, Eva at the top.
Rose playing cards, map of Matinicus I.
Aboard the Sunbeam V, we were given the complete tour -
including the well-equipped Examining Room.  As a nurse,
Meg thinks a job like this aboard a boat would be fun.
At the Matinicus Wharf
After several forays ashore, we had an
excellent home-cooked meal aboard (shrimp
curry by resident cook, Nancy), then spent a
peaceful night moored in Matinicus Harbor.
 Next morning, we headed out (into the fog)
for Hurricane Island where Meg once
worked as an Instructor at the Hurricane
Outward Bound School.
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 Hurricane Island and beyond...
          Six people overnight on Sno' Dog!
 To see a photo of the dinette configured for
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