Sno' Dog heads for Chauncey Creek  Lobster Pound
To celebrate her graduation from Law School, my brother's daughter's spouse, Tanna Engebretsen-Clews,
invited 50 of her closest friends and family to the Chauncey Creek Lobster Pound in Kittery Point, Maine.  
Many of the invited guests arrived by boat - seventeen of them came aboard
Sno' Dog!
Here they come!  The guests assemble at Prescott Park in downtown
Portsmouth for the trip down the Piscataqua River to Kittery Point, Maine.
Sno' Dog docked at Chauncey Creek Lobster Pound.  No problem at high tide, but at low tide, this floating dock
sits on the mud!  We had to make a quick run for deeper water a couple hours before low tide, then, for the return
trip, we ferried the guests out to the boat via Boston Whaler.  There's more than six feet of tide here!
Chauncey Creek guests.  Sno' Dog in the background.                        Brother Kit & Capt. Henry, camera in hand.
Sno' Dog, fenders flying, steams back to Portsmouth (with 17 people aboard) after Chauncey Creek outing.  Photo by Kit
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Sno' Dog  is now back on her Mooring at Great Bay Marine awaiting her next adventure.  
We are planning a cruise Downeast along the Maine coast in July.  Stay tuned...
John Lamson and
baby Dohnovan
en route to Chauncey Creek.
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