From one extreme to the other!  Shortly after this, fog set in.
Spring 2009   -    Florida to New Hampshire
Page 3
Heading out of Norfolk past the Naval shipyards.  Now, it's just Madison and me.  We're headed for Portsmouth, NH
Choppy seas on the Chesapeake off Point No Point.
   This is why Nancy prefers to bail out in Norfolk!
05/14/09 - 8:15 AM - Dep Norfolk - solo!
              11:45 AM - Windmill Pt. - Choppy, wind SE 20 kts
                2:15 PM - Point No Point (missed the point!)
                3:30 PM - Arr:
Solomons, MD - Calvert Marina
                Today:  88.9 n mi.  -  Eng: 7.4 hrs

05/15/09 - 7:00 AM - Dep Solomons Island - wind W 5 kts
                9:45 AM - Annapolis abeam - fog, wind calm
                1:45 PM - out of C&D Canal into Del. Bay
                5:15 PM - Arr:
Cape May, NJ - Utsch's Marina
Filled Fuel Tanks - 105.4 gallons
                Today:  135.8 n mi.(!)  -  Eng: 10.7 hrs
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05/16/09 - 6:45 AM - Dep Utsch's - pea soup FOG !
                7:05 AM - Cape May Inlet, into the Atlantic
                9:25 AM - passing Atlantic City (on chartplotter)
              12:45 PM - passing Manasquan Inlet - still in
                2:30 PM - off Sandy Hook - saw breakers
                3:20 PM - Arr:
Staten Island, NY - still in FOG !
                                      Great Kills Park Marina
                Today:  106.8 n mi.  -  Eng: 8.7 hrs
The upper Chesapeake, Turkey Point visible in the distance.
      This is Nancy's kind of weather!  Too bad she missed it!
The Salem nuclear plant reflected in the amazingly calm
                          waters of the Delaware Bay
At Utsch's Marina, we met PDQ Tumbleweed I.  The last time we saw these guys was right here on our southbound trip last fall.
This was the view from the cockpit for the entire trip from
                    Cape May, NJ to Staten Island, NY
I got lots of practice with the radar.  Here I'm using the AIS feature to track four boats.  Even when we passed less than a tenth of a mile apart, I never saw these boats - but I did feel their wake!
05/17/09 - 8:45 AM - Dep Great Kills basin, wind N 20 kts
                9:50 AM - under Verrazano Narrows Bridge
              10:20 AM - enter East River, out of the chop
              11:00 AM - passing thru Hell Gate, slack current
                3:00 PM - Arr:
Milford, CT - Milford Landing
                Today:  67.3 n mi.  -  Eng: 6.5 hrs
The first land I saw since leaving Cape May - fisherman on the beach at the entrance to Great Kills basin on Staten Island
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05/18/09 - 8:30 AM - Dep Milford - cloudy 50, wind ENE 10
                12 noon - passing inside Fisher's I. - v. choppy!
               12:20 PM - Watch Hill, RI - back into the Atlantic
                 2:45 PM - Arr:
Newport, RI - Npt Ychtg Ctr
Filled Fuel Tanks - 108.4 gal (from Cape May)
                               Dinner with sister Sylvan
                  Today: 78.8 n mi.  -  Eng: 6.4 hrs
Looking back under the Brooklyn Bridge, powercat water taxi and a barge following.  Lady Liberty in the background.
Madison checking out a swan in Milford, CT
Welcome to Rhode Island!  Watch Hill Light at the entrance to the Race
05/19/09 - 9:10 AM - Dep Newport - fair 48(!), wind N 10
              10:05 AM - passing Fatal Rock! (Buzzards Bay)
              12:30 PM - enter Cape Cod Canal - slack current
                5:00 PM - Arr:
Gloucester, MA - Browns Bt Yd
                               Very pleasant day, calm seas (finally)
                  Today: 93.3 n mi.  -  Eng: 8.1 hrs

05/20/09 - 9:15 AM - Dep Gloucester inner harbor, fair, 60
              10:00 AM - out of Annisquam River into N Atlantic
              11:45 AM - Newcastle Lt - Portsmouth Hrbr entr.
              12:45 PM - Arr: Great Bay Marina,
Newington, NH
Sno' Dog is back to her summer home port: Portsmouth, NH !
                Today: 33.3 n mi.  -  Eng: 3.6 hrs
Now we're in New England!  Newport Br. in background.
Boston skyline visible 20 miles off as we cross Boston Bay
Arriving in scenic Gloucester, MA, our last stop before Portsmouth, NH

Once again
, our Sno' Dog came through with flying colors!  Not a single problem on this latest 3-week trip.  Since leaving Jensen Beach 22 days ago, we covered 1425 nautical miles (1640 statue miles) in 125 hours engine time.  Our average speed was 11.4 knots (13.1 mph) and we covered a (leisurely) average of 65 n mi (75 statute miles) per day.  Total fuel consumption for the trip was 560.4 gallons (we fueled up 5 times en route), our average mileage for this trip was 2.93 mpg.  Our average fuel burn was 4.48 gph.  These numbers are practically identical to our previous trips, so we can assume that all systems continue to function normally.

Sno' Dog now has just about 12,000 nautical miles under her keels and about 1275 hours on the engines. We look forward to some DownEast cruising this summer.  Tentatively, we plan to head for Maine in mid-July.  Stay tuned for our next chapter...HMC 6/15/09
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