2006 Maine Cruise -  Page 3
The four-masted schooner Nancy Todd in Bar Harbor.  In the background fog rolls over the Cranberry Islands.
This was the scene on our arrival back to Bar Harbor from Frenchman's Bay.  The fog was rolling in.
Can you find the Sno' Dog nestled in here with the big guys?
From Hancock Point (in
Frenchman's Bay), we
began retracing our steps
back through Bar Harbor,
Southwest Harbor (home
of Hinckley Yachts) and
on to Castine.  In
, we docked with
some fancy big boats.  
The Australian owner of
the 140-ft
Francine even
talked to us for a few
minutes about his recent
trip through the Panama
Canal!  Fun to hang out
with the big boys.
When we connected to the Internet here, we found out that the rest of the country was suffering
from a
heat wave.  In Bar Harbor, it was a very pleasant 75 degrees - and about 60 at night.
But the warm weather showed its face in Maine in the form of fog.  On
the trip back around Mount Desert Island (and for the next several days),
we had pea soup
FOG!  It was a good chance to try out our fancy
equipment.  The ability to overlay the radar onto to the chartplotter is
pretty awsome.  The last time I cruised Maine in the fog was twenty
years ago; technology has come a long way in that time!
(For a photo of the composite screen, see bottom of
Page 6)
This was the view ahead for much of the trip home.
Always good to see the real thing.
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