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Cooks Lobster Pound & Restaurant on Bailey's Island - quintessential Maine!  Voted   the best seafood in ME for last 5 years.
At left: The view from the window at Cook's Restaurant.

Behind that good-looking boat is a unique "stone crib" bridge built in 1927  (The bridge joins Bailey's Island to Orr's Island). The loose-laid granite blocks allow the current to flow through (there's 10 feet of tide here) and also to survive the rigors of ice in the winter.
Nice view, eh?
At right: Nancy at 16 knots!  Cruising a couple miles off the coast of Maine in relatively calm seas.  Hey, this is fun!
A group of sea kayaks in Casco Bay off Great Diamond Island  -  near Portland.  Water temp here is about 60 F.
Die-hard Republicans should recognize this little "cottage" on the coast near Kennebunkport, ME
Nubble Light on Cape Neddick.  Only 10 more miles south to the Piscataqua R. and entrance to Portsmouth harbor.
Thanks to some help from Chris Calvert at PDQ who contacted Roy Shipley (an Ontario Raymarine dealer) we were finally able to make our GPS chart-plotter show us an actual log of miles traveled over the ground.  Turns out, it has been quietly keeping track of all our miles since we left Whitby on May 17th, and we’re happy to announce that the Sno’ Dog now has a grand total of 1,453 nautical miles under her keels!

While we’re talking statistics, we also have a total of 177.5 hours on our engines – and a mere 17.5 hours on the generator.  Fuel consumption at our last fill-up (in Belfast) worked out to a mere 2.82 gallons per hour – 98 gallons for 35 engine hours.  Probably, our more leisurely cruising speed for parts of this cruise explains this remarkably low consumption; or perhaps our engines are just getting better broken in. 
In any case, it’s great to have such a comfortable and economical cruiser!
On the way back from Belfast we stopped in scenic Camden, Rockland, Tennants Harbor, Boothbay Harbor, Bailey’s Island, Yarmouth (where we met up with Nancy’s sister and husband), Cape Porpoise, Kennebunkport, then back past Portsmouth and up the Piscataqua River to our home base at Great Bay Marine in Newington, NH.

The photo at right
shows our Raymarine chartplotter operating in the combined charting and radar mode.  Radar returns appear in purple and can be easily compared to what's supposed to be out there.  When a purple spot shows up where there's no land, you assume it's a boat.  It's pretty darned slick! (Many boats visible on screen at right).
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