2006 Maine Cruise  -  Page 4
At a mooring in Tennants Harbor.  It was hard to find the boat from the dinghy dock without GPS or radar!
The dinghy dock at Tennants Harbor
Sasha - My brother Kit's first grandchild is named Sasha
Happilly, the fog lifted in the evening long enough for the St. Georges Day (July 15) fireworks display. We had a front row seat aboard Sno' Dog in Tennants Harbor - which is actually in the town of St. George.  Madison however did not appreciate the show and took refuge in the lowest spot she could find - between the head and the shower stall (we put a bath mat there for her.  (To see "Dogs on Board" pages, click here.)
A panoramic view of Tennants Harbor, certainly one of the prettier places we visited.  Can you spot our boat?
In case you were having trouble finding Sno' Dog in Tennants Harbor, I added a helpful arrow.
Here are a couple pics of a very strange sea creature we came across near Pemaquid Point.  We thought at first it was a whale - it was that big!  Later, a lobsterman told us it was probaby a sunfish.  Apparently they can grow to humongous sizes!
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We were able to maneuver Sno' Dog right up beside him