Friendship harbor.  Do you see a single boat that's NOT a lobster boat?  We were it! Nevertheless, the natives were friendly!
Not surprisingly, there were thousands of lobster bouys as well.  It helped that we could safely straddle them in our "cat".
Our next stop was
Northeast Harbor, home
to some very fancy boats
and houses!  Then, after
a brief stop in very
touristy Bar Harbor, we
continued up Frenchman’
s Bay to
.  Here, we met up
with two more of my
kids, Meg and Charlotte
along with their husbands
and kids – three more
Docked at the float at dusk at Hancock Point.   We spent a couple nights on a mooring here.
Above & below: My eldest daughter Meg's daughter Eva (4 1/2) at the helm
Meg's daughter Rose (1) from Guatemala
Nancy on the bow having successfully snagged a mooring.  The
large ball with an "H" on it might have stood be for Henry, but
in reality it's for Hinckley (Yachts) in Southwest Harbor.
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There are no photos here of the third grandchild we
visited in Hancock Point, my daughter Charlotte's baby
Lucy who was born June 16.  She was less than a
month old when we visited.  She does, however have her
own website which you can see if you click here!
Eva at the helm
Welcome to Downeast Maine!
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