April 2013   -   Page 1   -    South FL Mini-Cruise
Heading South on the open Atlantic - somewhere off the coast of Florida.  A beautiful day for a cruise!
With about 10 days before our
next guests arrive, we decided
to take our last cruise of the
winter season.  We briefly
considered a short run to the
Abacos, but quickly thought
better of it as it might be tough
getting back on schedule.
Peaceful sunset anchorage in Manatee Pocket southeast of Stuart.
April 1 - 3:00 PM - Dep Nettles I
         4:00 PM - Filled fuel tanks
         at Sailfish Marina - 109 gal
         6:00 PM - Arr: Stuart
        Anchored in Manatee Pocket
            Today: 8.9 n mi - 1.5 hrs

Apr 2 - 6:00 AM - thought about a
     quick run to the Abacos, but
 decided against it because of N winds.
     8:00 AM - anchor up
     8:30 AM - out St Lucie inlet
   10:15 AM - psg Lk Worth inlet
     1:30 PM - enter Pt Everglades inlet
     2:15 PM - Arr:
Hollywood, Loggerhead Mar.
                     Today: 69.0 n mi  -  6.1 eng hrs
Stuart to Ft Lauderdale in 5 hours!
          Beautiful outside run! (see photo above)
 Exc dinner at Padrino's Cuban Rest. in Dania Bch.
A well-fed, and neatly-folded Florida pelican.
Leaving St Lucie inlet in our wake.  A great "outside" day!
Jupiter Lighthouse looking small between the condo towers.
Lots of activity on, and off, Ft Lauderdale Beach.
I didn't realize there were 3 people up there
until I looked carefully at this photo!
Colorful condos in North Miami.
Apr 3 - 10:30 AM - Dep Loggerhead Mar, south on ICW
        1:00 PM - under Venetian Cswy Br - Miami
        1:45 PM - Arr:
Coconut Grove, Dinner Key Mar.
                        Today: 16.5 n mi.  -  3.2 eng hrs
Apr 4 - 11 AM - Dep Coconut Grove
        11:30 AM - short trip up the Miami River
          2:00 PM - stopped at West Lk Nature Pk, Dania Bch.
          4:00 PM - Arr:
Ft Lauderdale, New River City Docks
                         Today: 25.1 n mi  -  4.2 eng hrs
Stainless steel palm tree in Coconut Grove.
Big ass ship (Liberty of the Seas) in Pt Everglades.
Pirate ship (shooting us with water canons) in Ft Lauderdale.
Peterson Fuel Barge plowing up the ICW in Dania Beach.
Impressive view heading up the Miami River.
Red barge on the the Miami River.
Feeling a bit small on the New River in Ft Lauderdale
as a nasty-looking storm approaches.
Storm clouds at rush hour in Ft Lauderdale.
Nancy braving the storm aboard Sno' Dog.  A very cozy
place to be in bad weather.
Apr 5 - Hung out in Fort Lauderdale.  We love the City Docks.
       It's right in the heart of town, and the price is right -
       only $1/ft/nt.
Apr 6 - 11:30 AM - Dep Ft Lauderdale City Docks
                        headed North on the ICW, wind N 15 kts
       4:45 PM - Arr:
West Palm Beach, Palm Bch YC
                          Today: 43.3 n mi  -  5.2 eng hrs
                           Dinner at
Grease, & a play afterwards!
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Apr 7 - 10:30 AM - Dep Palm Beach Yacht Club
       2:45 PM - Arr:
Jensen Beach, Nettles Island Marina
                             Today: 34.6 n mi  -  4.5 eng hrs
Arriving back at Nettles Island.  Brother Kit took these pics and sent them to me with the caption:
"Sister's House Dogged by Cat!".  That's our sister's house on the right.  (Mouse-over for a close-up.)
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