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Narrow enough to fit in the small locks of the upper Baïse.
This all started back in the fall of 2011 after two of the
present AMAROK partners returned from a most enjoyable
Canal Boat Charter in Burgundy and decided they'd like to
spend more time doing this in the future.  They were able
to find two more like-minded partners, and our Canal Boat
Parnership was born.
AMAROK  Specifications:
2006 Piper Nivernais Dutch Style Steel Barge
LOA: 55 ft (16.76 m)
Beam: 12ft 6in (3.81 m)
Draft: 2ft 6in (0.89 m)
Air Draft (Bridge Clearance): 9.5 ft (2.9 m)
Air Draft w Pilothouse Down: 6.5 ft (2.0 m)
Displacement: 28 tons
Engine: Perkins/Sabre 87-hp, 4-cyl diesel (1600 hrs)
Alternator: 12 V & 24 V, 170-Amp Leece-Neville
Inverter/Charger: Mastervolt 1800 W.
Generator: Mastervolt 6-KW, 3-cyl diesel (370 hrs)
Bow Thruster: 8 kW electric
AMAROK was originally built by Simon Piper
for his own use, she started life as the
A descriptive article with many photos, published in
Boat Test Magazine UK, can be found online at:
After considerable research, we found a gorgeous 2006,
Nivernais Dutch Style Steel Barge named Amarok.
She was built in the UK by
Piper Boats, a premier builder of
classic inland waterway craft.  (See specs at right.)
For the past two years the four partners (along with
family and friends) have taken turns cruising the Amarok
through the canals of southern France.  We covered the
Canal de Garonne and the Canal du Midi from end to end.
Last fall, we brought the boat North (along the Rhône and
Saône Rivers) to the Burgundy region of France - where
we will likely spend the next couple of years. After that,
we might venture north to explore Belgium and Holland.
Now, a unique opportunity exists to join this
well-established partnership as one of the four original
AMAROK partners has decided to offer for sale his
one-quarter share.
A beautiful, and free, tie-up in the town of Sallèles-d'Aude on the
Canal de Jonction - enroute to Narbonne.  One of the features we
love about this boat is her wide open aft deck.
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.                  A one-quarter share of this modern, luxurious Replica Dutch Barge may be available!
We spent several months looking for a boat that we all
liked and one that we believed would hold its value over
time.  (If we could re-sell the boat for close to what we
paid for her, our costs would be primarily maintenance and
storage - and thus a fraction of regular charter boat prices.)
Owning a boat, as opposed to chartering, gives us
the freedom to go whereever we choose.  We are
able to venture well past the normal charter
locations.  If we can arrange it with the next
partner, we can enjoy one-way trips to
out-of-the-way locations, the logistics often work
out perfectly:  We pick up a car at the airport, drive
to the boat, then the other partner uses the car to
return to the airport for his flight home!  
(We've done this many times.)
Cruising, windshield down, in the wide open waters of the
     Etang de Thau in the south of France.
How the Partnership works...

In France (and most of Europe) the usable season is primarily
the Summer months with some extension into the Spring and
Fall.  Because of lock operating schedules, the cruising season
extends from approximately April 1st through November 1st.
(One could actually live aboard the AMAROK right through
the winter, if desired.)
We have divided the summer months into four (4) equal time
periods so that each partner gets their "fair share" of the prime
season. Each year, the periods rotate so that the partners can
experience the full range of seasons. The partner with the first
time slot can go over as early as he desires and the partner with
the last time slot can stay as late as he wishes.
Partners are expected to leave the boat with full fuel, and they
are responsible for any damage occurring during their time
aboard. All other operating expenses incl. marina fees, food, etc
are each partner's responsibility.
We have an annual meeting where the time slots and general
cruising plans are discussed and decided upon for the coming
One partner must be on board at all times when the vessel is in
No rentals or charters are permitted.
At present, the AMAROK is stored for the winter in
Saint-Jean-de-Losne about 180 miles SE of Paris. During
the summer of 2013, we plan to cruise the waterways of
Burgundy.  (
Click here to see a map of possible itineraries.)
Petit déjeuner à bord - Breakfast on board in the pilothouse.
The Overall condition of the boat is excellent.
More about the AMAROK...
Immediately after purchasing the boat in 2011, we
started outfitting her with everything needed for
luxurious and enjoyable inland waterway cruising.  
This included: three new bicycles, galley equipment,
tools, towels and linens, a Weber BBQ grill, a vinyl
cover over the wheelhouse and numerous other
miscellaneous items.
In the spring of 2012 the boat was upgraded with
solid bamboo flooring in the galley and salon, new
linoleum in the wheelhouse, new upholstery in the
wheelhouse, and new furniture for the aft deck
including a new umbrella. All house and engine start
batteries (12 AGM) were also replaced.
Normal engine and generator maintenance has been
completed at the end of each season. In addition, the
decks have been painted, all bright work treated with
Cetol (several coats) and other routine maintenance
completed. In the fall of 2012 the boat was hauled,
bottom cleaned, hull painted and prop and shaft
reconditioned. The boat has always been
professionally winterized each year.
Ownership Overview...
At present, our partnership agreement runs thru 2015, or
three more summers. The agreement may be extended by
agreement of the partners.
Each partner pays 1/4 of the fixed (operating) expenses
which includes insurance, maintenance and storage during
the time when none of the owners is aboard.
A view of the galley.  A complete, modern food preparation area
including apartment-sized refrigerator/frezer, microwave,
4-burner propane cooktop, 2-door gas-fired oven/broiler/grill,
exhaust fan, coffee-maker, etc.  Also a Miele washing machine!
Layout Plan of the AMAROK.  Open aft deck, pilothouse with fold-down windshield and doors, galley, salon, guest
cabin (double), bathroom with separate shower, owner's cabin (queen) forward with ensuite head, sink and shower.
The estimated buy-in per 1/4 share is about $85,000 USD -
subject to negotiation with the partner wishing to sell his share.
A view of the main salon (looking aft) showing off our new
bamboo flooring.  Entertainment center including flat-screen
TV, DVD player and stereo on the left.
One of (the two) bathrooms.  Notice the radiator/towel warmer
- so civilized!  To the left, is a walk-in shower stall.
Wherever we go, our bright yellow boat stands out from the crowd - we get many complements.  This photo was
       taken in Verdon-sur-Doubs during our trip North last fall.   
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For more information on these these boats,
you can check out the builder's website at:
Annual operating expenses amount to approximately $2000
per partner per year.
A partner may sell his share at any time.
At the end of the partnership agreement, the boat will be sold
and the proceeds distributed equally to each partner.
A complete copy of our Partnership Agreement is available
upon request. For more information and to discuss this further,
Dick Tuschick  or  Henry Clews
For the past two years, our partnership has been working
very smoothly, there has been no discord whatsoever.  
The present group consists of four couples, three of
whom are PDQ catamaran owners, the other a former
Kadey-Krogen trawler owner.  Three of us are from the
USA, the fourth from Canada. (It is the Canadian partner,
Harvey Griggs, who now wishes to sell his share.)
Some final words...
Although a 2006 model, this boat is basically in like-new
condition. The Amarok is a remarkably comfortable,
live-aboard boat.  Completely self-sufficient (without
shore power), she has two double cabins, 2 heads (one
with separate shower), galley with large fridge & freezer,
stove, oven, microwave - even a washing machine.  Also
a diesel furnace for heat (radiators throughout, including
pilothouse) and hot water, even AC (although that requires
shore power or running the generator.)
This Nivernais class Dutch replica barge is ideally suited
for the canals of Europe with less than a 1-meter draft and
overhead clearance under 3 m (that's without folding
down the pilothouse, which, so far, we've never needed to
do).  She's also rated for open seas up to 4-ft, so she
could (and did!) make the crossing to the UK.  To me, the
size is just right, big enough for comfort, yet small enough
to maneuver easily and to cruise comfortably through the
smallest, and prettiest, waterways.  With her large rudder
and powerful bow thruster, maneuvering in tight spaces is
easy - once you get the hang of it. She is easily handled by
a crew of two.
To share their adventures aboard the Amarok,
two of the partners have kept active
Online Blogs:
Dick & Carol Tuschick: http://campcarolcapers.blogspot.com
Henry Clews & Nancy Chandler: www.SnoDogLog.com
Scroll down through the titles to find the AMAROK entries
from 2011, 2012 and 2013.  Nancy and I have managed to
spend almost two months aboard the
Amarok each year!
. Interested in joining our European Canal Boat Partnership?  Read on...
Each partner owns of a 25% share of the boat.
Although she has the graceful lines of a classic
Dutch "luxe-motor" barge, the Amarok has fully
modern mechanical systems.  "Real" antique
barges may be fun to look at, but they do require
a lot of work to maintain in good condition.
.     Fall 2013 Update:  We now have a new 1/4-share partner.
.     They are a British couple, Jim & Jane Robertson of Surrey.
Updated: November 2014
(See notes at bottom)
.  Spring 2014 Update - another one-quarter
share may become available in 2015.
.          Contact us if you're interested...
.       Summer 2014 Update - The Partnership marches on...
. Charlie & Marcia Corbett have accepted an offer from a British couple,
. so they will be taking their place for the 2015 cruising season.
. Also, the Partners have agreed to extend the life of the Partnership for at
. least another three seasons to January 2018 so as to allow greater
. continuity.for the new incoming partners.
.  Fall 2014 Update: Nancy and I, after four great years, and a total of 38 weeks aboard the Amarok (!) have
.  decided it's time to move on.  (We already have two boats in the USA.)  At the end of this summer, we put
.  our share on the market and quickly found a buyer.  However, a couple of the other partners decided to
.  exercise their option to match the offer and they bought us out.
. New 2014  AMAROK Adventures...
.       A complete listing of links to
.  our blogs over the past four years.
We believe it is their intention to offer this 1/4 share for sale in the coming year, so a quarter share will
likely become available once again
. If you are interested, contact:  Dick Tuschick   +1 772 486-2250
You can also check out Dick & Carol's excellent Blog at: http://campcarolcapers.blogspot.com
Finally, they also have their own "AMAROK Info Page" which can be viewed by Clicking Here.
.   AMAROK Adventures  -  A complete listing of links to our blogs over the past four years.
Many photos of the AMAROK in action.