January 2013   -   Page 2     -     Start of our Florida Loop Cruise
Crossing Lake Okeechobee on autopilot; Cat's Away following in our (very straight) wake.
Having met up with Harvey and Sue Griggs a few
days earlier at the annual meeting of our
French Canal Barge group, we decided to head off
together on a trip across Florida...
Docked at Roland (and Mary Ann) Martin's Marina in the metropolis of Clewiston, FL.
Mouse-over for Full-Moon night photo.
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January 26 - 11 AM - Dep Nettles I. Marina
         12:45 PM - Rendezvous w Cats Away
           1:15 PM - St Lucie Lock
           3:20 PM - enter Lake Okeechobee - v. calm!
           4:45 PM - Arr:
Clewiston - Roland Martin's
Filled diesel tanks: 99.1 gals
                        Today: 60.3 n mi  -  5.2 eng hrs
Click on photos to view larger image...
In St. Lucie lock, Sue Griggs reaches for a line fr the lockmaster.
Cats Away in hot pursuit, Harvey at the helm.
Cats Away at 14 knots crossing Lk Okeechobee.  I'm impressed
by how cleanly these boats cut through the water at speed.
With the boat on autopilot, there's time for the helmsman to do
other things...  Like taking pics of his shadow taking photos!
A perfect day for crossing the lake - at least for a powerboat!
The channel into Clewiston was directly down the sun-path.
Cats Away arriving in Clewiston; flood gates in the background.
Roland Martin's Marina is not a quiet spot on
a Saturday night!  The Country & Western band
played vey loudly until well after midnight!
January 27 - 10:15 AM - Dep Clewiston
              11:30 AM - Moore Haven
                4:45 PM - Arr:
Ft Myers, Legacy Hrbr
                         Today: 56.7 n mi  -  5.7 eng hrs
Cats Away entering the Franklin Lock, the last lock on
the Caloosahatchee River before Ft. Myers.
An impressive backdrop at the Legacy Hrbr Marina in Ft Myers.
Close-up of (the important part of) the above photo.
A well-disguised pelican along the banks.
January 28 - stayed in Ft. Myers
            Lunch at Ford's Garage
            and a visit to the Edison/Ford
            Winter Estates - Excellent!
Jan 29 - 11:30 AM - Dep. Ft Myers
         1:00 PM - anchored at Picnic I.
         2:15 PM - Arr:
Sanibel I. - Marina
           Today: 16.9 n mi  -  2.1 eng hrs
             Dinner at
Gramma Dot's - Exc!
Jan 30 - Stayed in Sanibel - 80° & sunny
        Rode bicycles, good bike-paths here!
50,000 watt light bulb - circa 1929
at the Edison Museum in Ft Myers.
Seminole Lodge, Edison's winter home in Ft. Myers.
Seminole Lodge living room at the Edison/Ford winter home.
Edison's ghost!  Mouse-over to see Henry Ford's ghost!
Picnic Island...  We stopped here for lunch en-route to Sanibel from Ft. Myers.
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