BAHAMAS - Page 6
En route to Little Harbour we stopped and anchored off Lynyard Cay (south of Tilloo), very reminiscent of the Exuma islands - a pristine
beach without a single footprint!
The (completely uninhabited) beach at Lynyard Cay
No footprints!
Click on this photo to see the swimming dog
Pete's Pub in Little Harbour - at the southern end of the Sea of Abaco
Henry dinghying Bahamian style!
Hard to miss this shallow spot off Tilloo Cay - not hard to read the water here!
We docked at the Sea Spray Marina on Elbow Cay and walked across the island (about 100 yards) to the Abaco Inn where we found this beautiful scene.  As with many other places we visited here in the Abacos - not a person in sight!
Henry & Nancy on the beach in front of the Abaco Inn.  Seas were a bit rough on the ocean side, but calm on the bay side.
(The PDQ Baltic Flotilla Blog may be down, but you can still see it here.)
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The Queen's Highway also extends the length of Man-O-War Cay.
It makes for exceptionally scenic hiking or cycling.
The Abaco Ferry offers some competion for the Albury Ferries which run to Elbow and Man-O-War Cays.  If nothing else, they have better signs!
From the Sea Spray Marina in White Sound we rode our bicycles south on Elbow Cay about a mile to Tahiti Beach
We also rode north along the "Queen's Highway" into downtown Hope Town
When we set out for the Bahamas in early February, we thought we might make a circuit through the Abacos, on to Eluthera then down to the Exumas before heading back in early March.  But once there, we decided to relax and remain in the Abacos where cruising is relatively stress-free.  Crossing to Eluthera and the Exumas involves open water and finding good weather windows.  For the most part, the weather in the Abacos was gorgeous, a Hi of 78 and a Lo of 74.  No heat or AC needed!
We timed our visit to Man-O-War Cay to coincide with their annual Fair for the benefit of the Fire/Rescue Dept.  To the left, you can see Sno' Dog at a mooring in the harbor.
Sno' Dog moored in Man-O-War harbor during the fair.
Conch shells for sale at the fair.  The man at left is demonstrating the art of blowing the conch as a horn.  It has become a tradition here for people to sound off with their conchs at sunset, the cacophony is quite amusing.  Click on the photo to see larger image.
A children's crab race.  For $1 you pick your favorite hermit crab - the shells are painted various colors.  They are then dumped into the middle circle and the first one to make it to the outside circle is the winner.  Click on the photo to see more detail.
Next stop, Marsh Harbour -
just in time for
House for Sale in Hope Town