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Treasure Cay, and beyond . . .
BAHAMAS   Page 5
This beach is rated one of the Ten Best in the World!   You can see why.  Apparently, the word hasn't gotten out yet.  When I took this photo (from a palm tree), there were just the two of us out there - that lone figure is my DW, Nancy.
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Here we are at the beach with Paul & Ann.  At left, everyone appears to be ogling the scenery in the background!
We spent a couple of nights in Treasure Cay as guests of the HopeTown Sailing Club, we even attended the Club dinner where an excellent meal was served.
Certainly, the beach is the main attraction here, but there is also an 18-hole golf course and many other activities.  There are also several stores - and even a jewlery store which came in very handy on
February 14th!

Our next stop after Treasure Cay was Fishers Bay at Great Guana Cay, home of Dive Guana and Nippers restaurant.
Another section of the beach later in the afternoon - again, only Nancy visible, if you look closely.
Bahamian English has its peculiarities.  "No Through Fare" and "Where the Elite Meet Barefeet" seem a bit odd to me.
Catamarans rule!  Ours, on the right, is the smallest of the bunch docked at Treasure Cay Marina. The rumor is that the 38' Lagoon on the left belongs to Ted Turner, one of his many toys he keeps scattered about.  The boat's name is Lucy. (I believe he has the rights to I Love Lucy - which I'm sure he does!)
I took the photo of Nancy on the boat (with my non-waterproof Nikon held very carefully above the water) and she took the photo of me in the water.  I was diving to replace our prop zincs, both of which had mysteriously fallen off.
Dinghy passing Dive Guana dock, Fisher's Bay, Great Guana Cay
If you click on this photo, you'll see there's a dog riding on the bow.
Two powercats: PDQ 34 Sno' Dog and Endeavour 36 Cat-Trina
Interesting comparison: Note the higher bridgedeck clearance of the PDQ - also the slimmer hulls.  This explains the superior performance of the PDQ.
Great Logo!  Click on photo see larger.  Actual satellite photo of Catrina!
Sunset at Fisher's Bay, off Great Guana Cay
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       Lynyard Cay, Little Harbour, Elbow Cay
A bit more serious-minded logo than the Green Turtle Fire Dept. (see Page 3)
If you click on this photo (taken at Great Guana Settlement), you'll see the sign says: "School Zone.  No thru traffic during School Hours" which is quite funny considering the size of the "road".
Another sign: " Beware POISONWOOD.  No Climbing, Do Not Touch"  We didn't test it!
Arriving at Nipper's restaurant - a Great Guana Cay landmark!
A very colorful loader along the path to Nippers.
The beach - and reef - in front of Nippers.
The food at Nippers is OK - they're known for their famous Sunday pig roasts.  But the real reason people come here is the view - and, of course, the ambiance...
From here, we cruised south on the Sea of Abaco headed toward Little Harbour.  See Page 6 for more...
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