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Marsh Harbour,
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Docked at the Conch Inn Marina in Marsh Harbour.  Albury Ferries lined up next to Curley Tails restaurant.
We planned our stay in Marsh Harbour to coincide with the Jr Junkanoo.  It was fun to watch the kids (ages 5 and up) singing and dancing in amazing self-made costumes.
Rock star Nancy awaiting the arrival of the first Junkanoo group
Treasure Cay Primary School Junkanoo float
Here's a very well-lived-in PDQ!  If you click on the photo, you can see Nancy at the laptop and CNN's Situation Room on the TV.  We had both WiFi and cable TV at the marina in Marsh Harbour.  So civilized!
From Marsh Harbour, we rode our bikes over to a great little snorkeling spot - even Nancy snorkeled.
We decided that the tiki bar at Treasure Cay had the best conch fritters in the Abacos!
From Marsh Harbour, we headed back through Treasure Cay, through the Don't Rock passage and on to Green Turtle Cay.  Here, we headed for the Green Turtle Club - which we can highly recommend.
Passing back through the Don't Rock passage.  This time we passed to the west of the rock - no problem!
A horse walking down the road on GTC
Welcome to Historic New Plymouth! From the Green Turtle Club, we rode our bikes 3 miles into New Plymouth - every day for the 4 days we stayed here.
Back in the USA - "Q" flag flying
(The PDQ Baltic Flotilla Blog may be down, but you can still see it here.)
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Below: Scenes from Green Turtle Cay
Self portrait - with camera balanced on bicycle!
No lack of beautiful, uncrowded beaches here in Green Turtle Cay.  Very reminiscent of the beaches in Kauai!
After four days at Green Turtle, we decided to take advantage of a good weather window and head back toward Florida.
Crossing the banks - en route to Great Sale Cay
Sunset at our Great Sale Cay anchorage
Crossing the Gulf Stream - headed back to the USA.  Notice the deep blue color of the water - very different from the Bahamas.
Nancy in her crossing-the-Gulf-Stream position!
From Green Turtle Cay, we headed west to Great Sale Cay where we anchored for the night.  Next morning, the anchor was up at 7:30 and we headed directly for Memory Rock.  We left the Bahama Banks here and passed out into the deep blue Atlantic at 10:30 AM.  Winds were East at 15 knots, so we surfed across the Gulf Stream and arrived at the Lake Worth inlet (Palm Beach) at 2:30 PM.  This gave us plenty of time to hoist or "Q" flag, phone customs, tie up at the Riviera Beach Municipal Marina and walk next door to the US Customs & Immigration Dept who wanted to see the whites of our eyes.
Above is a view of our Raymarine chartplotter as we crossed the Gulf Stream.  Note the boat's heading as we crab into the 4-knot northerly current.  Even with the crabbing however, we're still showing a 15.2 knot speed over the bottom!
Arriving back to Florida - with highrise buildings starting to appear in the background - we encountered this Cruise-to-Nowhere ship.  Apparently, the Palm Beach Princess runs out daily to the 3-mile line off the coast where they open up the gambling tables for the day, she then returns to West Palm Beach at 4 PM.
Crossing the Stream - with following winds and seas
Riviera Beach, not quite as scenic as the Bahamas!
Back in the USA, we anchored at the north end of Lake Worth, home of some very fancy boats.  On the left you might recognize Privacy, Tiger Woods' yacht; on the right, Pacific Harmony, an 81' powercat - featured in my April 1 spoof of PDQ.
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As of 03/03/08 Sno' Dog is back at her winter quarters at Nettles Island Marina in Jensen Beach, FL
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