2007 Baltic Adventure
Page 9
Sweden's Göta Canal - Con'd.
A typical scene along much of the upper Göta Canal.  Many people bike the entire route.
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Five (pedalboat) swans and three PDQ's
Two almost identical boats with two almost identical
  couples doing their bow-in tie-up at the same time!
Another castle!  Läckö Slott is on Lake Vänern, the second of the two large lakes we passed through crossing Sweden.
PDQ's docked for the night in Lyrestad - another scenic town
Cruising through the fields of Sweden
An outdoor concert in Lyrestad only a few feet from our boats
An animated discussion aboard Watermelon
Läckö Slott castle on Lake Vänern
Boys fishing at the Läckö Slott dock
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   Gothenburg and the
   West Coast of Sweden
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Lake Vänern - the last BIG lake before heading down the Trollhatte canal to Gothernburg.  Reminiscent of the Åland I's.
Almost time to put away the Göta Canal Guide & Map
          but not those delicious Swedish pastries!
A narrow passage through the islands in Lake Vänern
Art objects in Vänersborg - 
the sails turned with the wind
Huge locks in the Trollhatte Canal leading down to Gothenburg
The canal passes right by the
SAAB factory in Trollhattan
The Trollhatte Canal leads down from Lake Vänern to Gothenburg through a series of five huge locks.
Click here to see what happens when
your line gets caught in a decending lock.