2007 Baltic Adventure
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This is the site that greeted us on arrival in Gothenburg - the 4-masted schooner Viking, now a restaurant, etc.
Lilla Bommen Harbor in Gothenburg.  The building in background is known locally as "the Lipstick" for obvious reasons.
With Sno' Dog docked in Lilla Bommen harbor, we were in the heart of downtown Gothenburg - only 5 minute's walk to the largest mall in Scandinavia!
Photo above appeared to be the latest fashion -  pretty minimal, but hey, it's 50% off. 
Click for larger view.
For a busman's holiday, we took the canal boat tour around Gothenburg - it's a lot like Amsterdam
This indoor market is housed in a gorgeous 75-year old building
This is the "Fish Church" in Gothenburg
After some rough weather in the Kattegat, we were happy to take refuge the very cute town of Mölle on Sweden's west coast.  Mölle is famous as the first place (over 100 years ago) to have co-ed baths!  Apparently Kaiser Wilhelm traveled up here by train from Germany to partake.  Very scandalous, those liberal Scandinavians!
After staying almost a week in Gothenburg - waiting for high winds to subside - we moved on down the west coast of Sweden.  First stop was Varberg, the scene of yet another castle.  Also here was this gorgeous seaside bath (photos to right) now restored and open for bathing!
A rough passage in the Kattegat from Varberg down to Mölle
If you look very carefully at this  photo, you can see the coast of Denmark in the distance - it's only 12 miles away.  But a rough 12 miles!  We waited for calmer weather to head down there.
From Mölle, we headed south to Helsingør in Denmark - where we replaced our Swedish courtesy with the red and white cross of DENMARK.
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Swedish boats have ceratainly got character!  ( Varberg )
Sunset at the castle in Varberg - not as late anymore as
in Finland,  this photo was taken at about 9:30 PM
Next, we went to Copenhagen where we spent three glorious days...
The famous Kronborg Castle in Helsingør - site of Shakespear's "Elsinore" in Hamlet.  Welcome to Denmark!
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It's sure good to have an economical boat here.  At one of our fuel stops - in Sjördorp - where we had to feed 500 SEK (Swedish Kronor) notes into the fuel pump - the price was 17 SEK per liter, that works out to $9.45 per US gallon!  Fortunately, we only took on a small amount at that price and waited to fill up where the price was a mere $6.75/gal.  (There's 25% VAT tax added to everything here.)
With another day of rest in Göteborg (Gothenburg) - the first time on this trip we have stayed more than two nights on one place - I've had time to bring the ship's log up to date.  Here are some numbers:  We departed Rauma (Finland) on July 5th - today is July 25th - we have now been en-route for 20 days.  Total distance under our keels is 505 nautical miles, engine time: 64.5 hours.  This yields an average speed of 7.8 knots - this includes time spent idling while waiting for locks.  Through the Göta Canal the speed limit was 5 knots.
Our fuel consumption has been remarkably low.  As of our last fill-up we had used a total of 699 Liters (185 US gal) of diesel fuel.  Dividing this by our engine hours gives an average fuel burn of 3.16 gallons per hour.
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So far, it's been a trip of a lifetime!  Never a dull moment, but no major problems.  We glad we're here.
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