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2007 Baltic Adventure
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Sweden's - Göta Canal
Nancy and friend, Ann Gaddis enjoying the view as we cruise the Göta Canal
Some spots are only 7 meters wide - our boats are 5 meters wide
Our group relaxing after a hard day of locking
Here, the canal runs over the highway in a viaduct
Sheep pose a (minimal) hazard to bikers along the canal
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A tight sqeeze as Horizons enters the moat at Vadstena Castle on Lake Vättern
Welcome to the Göta Hotel - in Borensberg
Simkins kids happily operating one of the few manual locks
The "Red House" - a floating Sauna!
Raft-up - awaiting the locks at Borenshult
After passing through the locks in Motala, we entered Lake Vättern and turned south (a bit off the direct route) to visit Vadstena - a town with a great castle.
We were able to tie up inside the moat!
Vadstena Castle - our most scenic tie-up to date
Four PDQ's (Rhumb Line, Watermelon, Horizons & Sno' Dog) tied up in the moat at Vadstena Castle
From here, we crossed Lake Vättern - in 30-kt winds! - to Karlsborg and then continued on to Forsvik at the entrance to Lake Viken - the highest point on the Canal - some 90 meters (300 ft) above sea level.
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Friendly lockkeeper answering a question at FORSVIK "Göta Canal's highpoint"
Two more PDQ's squeeze through the draw bridge
A couple of Citroen 2-CV's (one with trailer) stop by
Back through the bridge the next morning - easy this time!
Waiting for a bridge opening, the Simkins kids make new friends.
Rhumb Line stopped at a "Drive-thru" ice cream store!