2007 Baltic Adventure
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Four PDQ's arrive in Söderköping at the eastern end of the Göta Canal
Starting into the Göta Canal locks
View from the Canal - click on the small pics to see full size
Crossing Lake Aspenlangen - with 20-knot headwinds
Here we are in Norsholm after Day 1 of the Göta Canal
Tied up at Kapten Billes restaurant in Norsholm
The impresive set of  5 step locks at Berg at the far end of Lake Roxen.  A warm sunny day here brings out the bikinis!
The Dopellganger - a double-vision statue
Nancy locking - hard work!
All but a few of the Göta Canal locks are now hydraulicly operated.  They go quite fast - unless many boats are waiting
Lake Roxen in the background, semi-clad sun bathers in the foreground.
Some notes from the Captain's log...
07/15/07 - Today was Day 1 of the Göta Canal, Söderköping to Norsholm.  Absolutely gorgeous - very windy, though.  Similar in many ways to the Chambly Canal (north of Lake Champlain in Canada). About the same size locks - very small.  Only 2 PDQ's fit in a once, we just about fill the lock.  There are some narrow passages and bridges the same width as the locks which are quite exciting! Seven meters looks small when your boat is five.

The lock keepers have been very friendly, they are interesting people who do this as a summer job - they all speak perfect English.  Nancy has been going ashore to take our lines and I notice she's been spending quite a bit of time talking to them - especially the younger, cuter males. (There have also been a number of cute young females as well.)  They are helpful, but they basically expect us to do everything ourselves.  If you appear to be struggling, they'll give you a hand.  Going up (as we've been doing), it is quite turbulent - the forward boat gets bounced around quite a bit.  We found that putting a second line across to the far side at the bow helps keep us in line.  We've had no problems so far.

07/16/07 - Göta Canal Day 2, Norsholm through Berg to Ljungsbro - about 28 miles.  The 5-step locks through Berg were very scenic - but quite a bit of work.  Today was sunny and hot - high 78!  So warm & sunny, in fact, I actually put on my swim suite and dove into the canal!  I had to keep up with Steve & Erika (Beth & Dave Simkin's kids).  It was very refreshing, the water temp was in the mid 60's. Click here to see actual photo!
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Those 7-meter bridges looked pretty narrow for our 5-meter boats
Only two PDQs could fit in the locks at one time
Waiting for the locks in (sunny)  Berg
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