2007 Baltic Adventure
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Finland !
06-29-07 -  Almost all the PDQ owners are now in Rauma awaiting the arrival of the Suomigracht with our boats.  We'd expected the ship to arrive about June 29th - which is today - but upon our arrival here  (on Tuesday) we learned that "our ship" is running about a week late - once again!

I arrived in Helsinki last Monday, and managed to run into Rob Poirier and Salwa Farah within a couple hours.  We travelled together by train to Turku where I spent the night at an Internet hotel - a place where you book online, receive a room number and door code and never see a person!  When I turned on my TV, I received a friendly message saying "Welcome Henry Clews" - see photo of screen at right.

After a very pleasant day in Turku, I continued on by bus to Rauma.  The country looks a lot like Maine (Rob & Salwa say it looks like nothern Ontario).
Rauma is a lovely little town with an extensive old section where all the buildings are made of wood and date back over 100 years.  We've also checked out the (many) small marinas and I'm most amazed at the huge number of boats here!  Considering the size of the town, everyone in Rauma must own a boat!
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PDQ personalities, Rob Poirier and Salwa Farah hard at work...
My TV screen at the Omena (Internet only) Hotel in Turku
Note bird in window, he flew up just as I shot this photo.
So now, we're trying to think of things to do for another week until our boats get here.  We're also having to change our schedules - particularly our arrangements with others who planned to meet us at various points along the way.  We'll keep you posted...   See 07-01-07 at top of page.
Salwa has just posted some new pages on the PDQ Baltic Blog with photos of their activities as we all await the arrival of the Suomigracht.
08/01/09 Update: Looks as though this is no longer available.  RIP!
The bus from Turku to Rauma.
07-01-07 - We're hanging out in Rauma
             awaiting the arrival of our boats.
Most of the group arrived on Wednesday by bus from Turku.  We found local accomodations without problem but the Blues Festival this weekend means rooms will be filling fast.
To explore the area, we rented bicycles and set out to check out the local marinas.  We found several places that will accomodate our boats.  We also enjoyed a scenic ride through the surrounding countryside.
Arriving in Rauma: Paul Gooding, Carol Tuschick (hidden), Salwa Farah, Ann Gooding, Rob Poirier and Dick Tuschick
Too see larger versions of the photos below - click on the photos...
Salwa photographing bathers(!) in downtown Rauma
Our first get-together in Finland at the CityHovi Hotel
One of the smaller boat harbors where we may put our boats
Not sure if this restaurant sign meant "eat in, or take out"? In any case, we ate IN and took it OUT in our stomachs.  The food was excellent.
Salwa and the Swans - cygnets to right
The Marina office building!
We cycled to several small boat harbors.  There are an unbelievable number of boats here considering the population.
Map reading seemed to occupy much of our time - we were not good at reading Finnish
A public outdoor carpet washing station - popular in Finland
A helmet-cam view of our group cycling on one of the many bike paths in greater Rauma
Dick Tuschick doing his best to contrast with the remarkably yellow fields - we think this is rape seed.  It is used for oil - like canola.
Salwa testing the waters!  Children swiming in the background
Hopefully, the next photos you see, will show our boats.  We are still waiting for definitive word on their arrival.  It has been just about a month since we said goodbye to them in Ft. Lauderdale.  That's one slow ship!
  Salwa arrives in Rauma!
  Our boats arrive in Rauma -
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