2007 Baltic Adventure
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The Adventure begins...
After a 7-day wait, our ship finally came in!  The m/v Suomigracht prepares to load the first PDQ 34
Ann & Paul Gooding aboard "Horizons" at the Las Olas Docks
Dick Tuschick performs last-minute chores aboard "Rhumb Line"
Here, we are heading out on Sno' Dog to out to meet the Suomigracht.  As I was alone, Ann and Paul Gooding came along to help - and they proved to be excellent crew!  The weather was pretty bad, shortly after this photo was taken, a rip-roaring thunderstorm rolled through.  It rained, or poured, during most of the loading process!
Two PDQ's on board, four more to go...
Watermelon and Havin' Fun (yellow hull) already aboard.  Sno' Dog is ready to be hoisted
She's not really the loadmaster (but she plays one on TV!)  This is Carol Tuschick explaining the ship's operations as we arrived alongside.  I was too busy taking photos to remember what she said.  The shipper, Sevenstar, kindly permited her to go on board to take pictures.  I look forward to seeing the shots taken from her unique vantage point.
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Up she goes!  Sno' Dog is hoisted aboard effortessly.  I gather these were some of the smallest boats they've handled.
While Sno' Dog is lowered unto the deck, the next boat in line, LuLu comes along side for the next lift.  We were all impressed with the knowledge, efficiency and courtesy of the Suomigracht crew.  A job well done!
Dick Tuschick calling to alert the next boat that
her time has come!
After loading, they ferried us by launch back to the Las Olas marina. That's the Suomigrcht is in the background.  In the foreground is Tuschick friend (and Baltic adventurer), Dennis Robinet.
  So, I guess we're committed - or should be!
  The boats are now off to Finland - where we
  hope to meet them in about three weeks time.
And then, the Adventure really begins!
Track the progress of the Suomigracht
Link to a nice photo of the Suomigracht
Link to Sevenstar Yacht Transport
Ft Lauderdale - Iguanas & Passarelle
  ... 6 PDQ's now loaded; headed for Newportsee photo
Six PDQ's aboard the Suomigracht
             headed for Finland!
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