2007 Baltic Adventure
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Headed for open sea! The six PDQ's loaded aboard the Suomigracht in Fort Lauderdale are now headed for Finland - via Newport, RI, where the seventh boat will be loaded in a few days.  From the top, you can see:
Watermelon, 41-01 Havin' Fun, 34-87 Sno' Dog, 34-60 Lu Lu, 34-79 Horizons & 34-104 Rhumb Line.
We're off to Finland...
Disclaimer: This amazing photo was taken by Carol Tuschick from the bridge of the Suomigracht.
The ship was actually docked in Port Everglades (Fort Lauderdale) at the time the photo was taken. 
I decided, however, to move the boat out to sea - with a little help from Photoshop.    HC.
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Photo of the Suomigracht - unloaded
Track the Suomigracht's progress
Now, we must await the arrival of our boats in Rauma.  At present, our best guess is that they'll
get there somewhere between June 28-30.  Most of us have already made reservations quite a bit
  earlier than this, so we'll have to figure out what to do with the extra time in Finland.  Stay tuned...
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(PS: If you'd like to see Carol's original photo - with the Port Everglades pier in the background, click here)
06/12/07 - The Suomigracht in Newport (actually
                 Portsmouth) Rhode Island
The Suomigracht at anchor in Portsmouth, RI - about seven miles up Narragansett Bay from Newport. John Mills, who took this photo, reports that his boat, Tyger was loaded late Sunday afternoon.  They also loaded another 13 boats - including 6 sailboats.  The Suomigracht is now expected to depart Rhode Island early Wednesday, June 13th.
Next stop: Southampton in the UK.  Then, it's on to Skagen on the north coast of Denmark -  and finally,  RAUMA!
06/06/07 - The Fort Lauderdale boats are loaded...
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