2007 Baltic Adventure
The commercial harbor in Maasholm, GERMANY!   A welcome change from the crowded marinas in Denmark.
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Sno' Dog in the lock at the entrance to the Kiel Canal (aka North Sea Canal)  which will take us over to the Friesian Islands
We stopped for the night part way through the Kiel Canal at the pretty town of Rendsburg.  Then we continued on out through the locks into the River Elbe and on to Cuxhaven - where we met up with Watermelon & Horizons.
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After seven days in Denmark, we headed southwest along the Jutland coast to the German border.  We hoisted the German courtesy flag (hopefully, right-side-up!) then we entered the river Schlei
and headed for
Maasholm. Less crowded than the popular Danish resorts, this town had a distinctly German feel.  Although friendly enough, we noticed immediately that English was not widely spoken here.
The next day, we headed south to the Kiel Canal.
Walking the streets of downtown Maasholm - our first stop in Germany
The Kiel Canal is known for its interesting bridges - they come in all sizes and shapes.  This bridge supports a hanging ferry (!) which crosses the canal suspended on cables.  It carries cars as well as people.
The cable-suspended ferry  which crosses     the Kiel Canal    -    without ever touching the water!
The Elbe river opens out into the North Sea.  When the current runs against the wind, it gets rough.
And when it gets rough, Nancy assumes her
rough-weather position!
The very crowded marina at Cuxhaven at sunset.  People (incl Watermelon & Horizons) were waiting for the wind to subside.
From Cuxhaven, we (along with Watermelon and Horizons) headed out into the North Sea and around a couple of Friesian Islands. We (Sno' Dog) turned in at Spiekeroog and followed the inside route - along the "withies", which are actually little tree branches - to the island of Langeoog.  (It's actually possible to come inside even sooner - about 8 miles west of Cuxhaven - if the weather is really bad, but it's a somewhat tortuous route.)
The last time we'd seen another PDQ was in Gothenburg where we spent a week waiting for the winds to subside. Waiting there with us were Horizons, Watermelon and Rhumb Line.  The others had fallen behind a bit as they elected to spend more time cruising the Swedish achipelago before heading into the Göta Canal.
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