2007 Baltic Adventure
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View from Dragør harbor looking East.  In the background you can see new bridge-tunnel connecting Denmark to Sweden.
A not-so-tidy dog aboard a not-so-tidy boat in Svendborg
Docked in Kalvehave in southern Sjælland
Walking the streets of Svendborg after closing time
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Not quite sure what "Slutspurt" is, but it's 50% off!
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From Copenhagen, we headed south along the east coast of the large island of Sjælland.  We stopped in Dragør, passed the impressive white cliffs of Stevns Klint and the pretty town of Præsto.  Then, as we entered the protected waters behind the island of Møn, the water became shallow and turned a bright green - almost like the Bahamas! For our next overnight, we stopped at the town of Kalvehave (just before the bridge to Møn).  Here, we were happy to find a well-stocked market within a 2-minute walk from our tie-up spot.
Clear green water north of Kalvehave
South of Rødvig, calm water, no land in sight
Nancy enjoying the view, and calm seas
Along the south coast of Fyn, the "Riviera" of Denmark
From Kalvehave, we headed west along the south coast of Sjælland, then across the "Støre Bælt" to the island of Fyn. First stop here was the pretty old town of Svendborg. Next stop was Ærøskøbing on the island of Ærø.
A lovely cemetary/park in Svendborg
Ærøskøbing ice cream, always a favorite
One of the prettiest places we've been on the whole trip.  We liked it so much, we stayed an extra day and went bike riding
Ærøskøping was to be our last port of call in Denmark.  From here, we headed west around the island of Ærø then south across the border into Germany to the town of Maasholm on the river Schlei.
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Looking back toward the town of Ærøskøping on the island of Ærø in southern Denmark
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Biking on the island of Ærø
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