2007 Baltic Adventure
Germany - Friesian Islands - the Netherlands
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Low Tide in Langeoog Harbor
The Friesian island of Langeoog was our first stop after leaving Cuxhaven. With very shallow water and ten feet of tide, many places dry out at low tide.  To navigate inside the islands, you must go at half tide or more.  The deepest water here is marked by "withies".
Many slips in Langeoog are accessible only at half tide or more - careful scheduling is necessary here
Here we're following Horizons & Watermelon through an inside passage marked by "withies" -  which can often be quite hard to spot.  It did seem a bit odd to be crossing over what's shown on the chart as dry land!  The underlined "depths" on our chart  actually indicated the number of feet (or meters) ABOVE  mean low water - meaning how much land is showing at low tide!
Seals sunning themselves on the Fresian island of Baltrum
We also rode our bicycles on the Friesian Island of Norderney.  I took this photo of Nancy while riding with her on the dike.
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Even though it's relatively protected behind the islands, this part of the world is famous for its windy, rough weather. We took advantage of relatively good weather - and high tide - to traverse the inland passages from Norderney (Germany) to Delftzijl (the Netherlands).  And it's a good thing we did, as the next day in Delftzijl, the winds howled - and it poured rain most of the morning.
We really enjoyed our overnight stops at the Friesian islands of Langeoog and Norderney.  On Langeoog, no cars are allowed - only bicycles.  There is a train (which meets the ferry from the German mainland) to transport visitors exactly 1.5 km (1 mile) to the town. It's an amazingly elaborate system - with fancy stations at each end -  considering the length of the service. You'd think you were off to Bavaria - at a minimum!
We were glad to have our bikes aboard Sno' Dog, we brought them out for some excellent riding on both the Friesian islands we visited.
The Langeoog train - a one-mile run from the ferry to town!
Choppy seas in the Eems river as we approach Delftzijl, the NETHERLANDS
Ann, Paul & Mimie biking through downtown Norderney
Sno' Dog, (the very clean) Horizons and Watermelon docked in Delftzijl - our first port in Holland
Here in Delftzijl, we entered the Dutch canal system which could take us all the way to our final destination of Ijmuiden without much concern for wind or weather - a very comforting thought.
  Time to hoist the
Dutch courtesy flag
The friendliness of the Dutch people was immediately apparent. Within a few minutes of our
arrival in Delftzijl, several natives approached and engaged us in conversation - all in excellent English.
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