2007 Baltic Adventure
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Nancy resting aboard Sno' Dog in Christianhavns Canal in downtown Copenhagen
Huge electricity generating wind turbines as seen from the top of Our Savior's Church looking east from Copenhagen.
                     The freighter passing behind the windmills gives some perspective on their size - very LARGE!
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I climbed (401 steps) up to the top of the spire on Our Savior's Church where I took this photo overlooking the city.
Christianhavns Canal is in the foreground, the entrance to Nyhavn appears at the far left (white sailboat), the commercial harbor is in the background.  The Little Mermaid is around the corner in front of the white cruise ship.
A couple of views of Nyhavn, the most colorful (and turisty) part of downtown Copenhagen.  We ate at one of the outdoor cafes.
The Little Mermaid statue near the harbor entrance
Of course, we made the obligatory visit to the Little Mermaid - about a 30 minute walk from where we were docked.  She's very little - and a bit overwhelmed by tourists.  The view from the water is a bit disappointing - we barely noticed her on our way into the harbor.. I gather she's facing land because she's pining to be a real person - according to the story.
The Little Mermaid as seen from the water - easy to miss
This was the view from astern as we left Copenhagen and headed south.  These windmills are very impresive - and quiet, we stopped the engines to listen, but couldn't hear a sound.
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