Hoversite 2003
Page 2  -  Construction Begins...
Day One:
With the team
assembled, we set to
work on "the deck".

That's me in the
background cutting
foam, my father-in-law
is holding the string,
and the kids are -- what
else -- watching!

My son Mike is the one
in the tropical shorts.
In our first experience with vacuum bagging, we
successfully glue the two deck halves together.
Using a bathroom scale to check the vacuum, we
were amazed to see it reading 120 Lbs. with
nothing on it but a sheet of plastic!
Day Three:
With the 1 sq-ft scale reading 95 Lbs, total force pressing the two halves together is 8000 lbs!
Duct tape is used to hold the skirt-attach-strip in place while the epoxy cures.
Shaping the foam bottom.
Vacuum test: scale reads 120 pounds!
The last vacuum bagging -- bottom foam and plywood.
The wood deck after vacuum bagging.
That quilt under the plastic was hand-made by my wife,
Nancy.  She says that was her contribution to the project!
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Days 5 and 6:
Fortunately, the blueprints weren't too bad, and with some help
from photos and chat on the Internet, we launched right in...
We left the shop-vac running for eight
hours to allow the epoxy to cure.