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Page 1  - How the project started - and what it looked like in March 04
Page 2  - Construction Begins -  Days 1 thru 6
Contact Info:
   Henry Clews,
Builder, Webmeister
New Owner:
Chris Pugh
Page 3  - Construction Photos thru 09/12/03
The "Mean Green Machine"
has been sold.
The new owner is Chris Pugh of Missouri.
Universal Hovercraft
Hoverclub of America
HoverLovers (Yahoo group)
SEAtrikes (Yahoo group)
Page 4  - Construction Continues - thru 10/05/03  -  It Hovers!
See some of my Past Projects:
Ultralights and Amphibs
Page 5  - Tail Assembly & Control System (our own design)
The ice photos on this page are of my twin brother "Kit". They were taken on March 14, 2004 during our maiden flight on Goose Pond.
Page 6  -  Spring 2004  -  Maiden Flight on ICE, Trailer takes shape
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Charlotte Clews Lawther -
(my daughter- not hovercraft-related)
Page 7  - April 2004  -  The New Trailer, Flying on Turf, Mike's first solo
Hanover House 2007
Page 8  - August 2004  -  Finally on Water, and off to the Connecticut River Hover-In
Page 9  - Summer 2004  -   More Water Pics...
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Page X - Technical Stuff, Q & A
Page 10 - Summer 2005  -  Mike on Goose Pond
Sno' Dog Log
Page 11 - Spring 2006  - Henry Hoverin'
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