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In Jekyll Island, my mother, Margaret Strawbridge Clews (age 87) takes a turn at the helm - she loved it!
A high point of this trip was meeting up with my elderly parents.  They were en route by car to Florida and our paths crossed in Jekyll Island, Georgia.  My mother is 87 and my father is 91 and has congestive heart failure. Nevertheless, they both came aboard Sno' Dog and went out for a cruise into the Atlantic.  The fact that they both made it aboard - and up onto the flying bridge - is a testament (IMHO) to the remarkably good design of this boat!
My father, Mancha Madison Clews (age 91) climbing up to the flying bridge.  He came out onto the dock in a wheelchair.
Father takes a turn at the helm, mom looks on.
Another gorgeous Georgia sunset.  No need to go to Key West to enjoy this almost daily occurence.
Sno' Dog rests comfortably in her undercover slip at Lamb's Yacht Center on the Ortega River near Jacksonville.
From Jekyll Island, where we spent a couple of days visiting with my folks, it was an easy day's trip to Jacksonville.  We left the ICW near Jacksonville Beach and headed upriver some 20 miles on the St. Johns turning right just past the city of Jacksonville into the Ortega River.  This was to be our final destination - for now.  We plan to come back in a month or so - possibly to cruise further up the lovely St. Johns River which, in a PDQ, is navigable for some 150 miles into the heart of central Florida.
Since posting these pages last week, we've received several e-mails inquiring as to whether we might not have enjoyed the trip more had we taken more time to smell the roses.  My answer is yes, I would have been happy to spend more time on this trip, but Nancy was commited to an Operation Smile medical mission in India starting November 1st - so we had a deadline.  Nonetheless, we very much enjoyed the trip; and a point I'd like to make, our fast boat allowed us to do more with the time we did have.  For a number of days, we traveled with a couple of boats (heading south from the Annapolis Show) who ran from dawn to dusk (at trawler speed) in order to make the same distance we covered in half the time.  Personally, I think we had more fun!  We also had more time to spend in port.

I thoroughly enjoyed being able to run at speed without having to worry about excessive fuel consumption.  Also, the relatively small wake of the PDQ often allowed us to pass without having to go through the ritual slow-pass routine which requires both boats to slow down.                     HMC 11/12/06
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  It is with great sadness that I must report the death of my father,
M. Madison Clews on December 16, 2006.  His obituary along with
  some memorable photos can be found by
clicking here.
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