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Heading out across Abermarle Sound...   I really do enjoy the panoramic view from the PDQ flying bridge.
After Elizabeth City, we decided to leave the ICW and divert eastward toward Manteo and the Outer Banks. Our motivation was to visit the Mortenson's who we'd met at last spring's PDQ Flotilla.  They took delivery of Gemini, hull # 95 and we travelled together as far as Montreal. In Manteo, they offered us most gracious hospitality including meals and a boat slip for Sno' Dog.
Nancy and Bob & Sue Mortenson in front of their  classy waterfront condo in Manteo, NC.
Breakfast with a view!  That's Sno' Dog outside the window
In the photo to the left, we're docked in Surf City, NC.  I included this photo to show that once again, dockage was no problem.  We, like others who considered buying the PDQ, worried about the implication of her outsize 16' - 8" beam.  We needn't have worried!  To date, after over 2800 nautical miles under our keels, we have yet to encounter a single problem!  We have never been denied dockage (or a haul-out) because of our beam (or, for that matter, because of our race, creed, color or sexual orientation :) 
I just loved this piece of waterfront real estate!  Although it looks like an island, it's actually got access by road.  It's located along the ICW just south of Wrightsville Beach, NC.
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  We Meet my Parents at Jekyll Island
That's Nancy riding in the dinghy in Calabash Creek on the NC/SC border.  The tiny town of Calabash boasts over 25 seafood restaurants.  We tried one (Captn. Nances) and found it excellent.  The hushpuppies were to die for!
Getting tired of Sno' Dog portraits yet?

So far, I still enjoy looking at her - and taking her picture!
Docked in Georgetown, SC - another cute little town.  We arrived just in time for their Wooden Boat Festival.
Self portrait with wife at the helm.  That's my watch in the foreground!
Charleston, SC was another easy day (for Sno' Dog!) south of Georgetown.  We docked here at the Maritime Center which allowed for a short walk to downtown.  This has got to be one of the nicest cities you can visit by boat!  Nancy flew home from here, and I continued south along the ICW to Georgia.
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