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Docked in Delaware City - a most pleasant respite from the trip up the notoriously choppy Delaware Bay
The MD Capital building
Having completed the New Jersey ICW, we headed through the Cape May Canal then northwest up the choppy Delaware Bay.  We found a cute little marina in Delaware City just north of the entrance to the C & D canal.  Next morning we passed through the C&D into Chesapeake Bay - then on to Annapolis where we found a town mooring just under the bridge in Spa Creek. We arrived just in time for the first day of the Powerboat Show - and we found ourselves to be a very convenient 2-minute dinghy ride to the show dock. Joining us at an adjacent mooring was PDQ #23 Duetto with John & Diane Cummings aboard.
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South to the Dismal Swamp!
In the C&D Canal we passed a nicely decked out Nordic Tug
Catamarans rule!  We took over a fair share of the available moorings in Spa Creek
The somewhat strange-looking Endeavour Pilothouse 40
The much sleeker Manta 44 powercat - also here for the show
I'm not sure why they thought this big black cloud over their boat would attract buyers?
A model of Reuben Trane's latest brainchild, the DSe solar-electric powercat.  Hope it works out.!
I could scarcely believe this price:
$100 K more than a PDQ with less than half the space!
Another cold front blows through the well-protected mooring field in Spa Creek.  That's Duetto in the background.
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