Spotlight on the Manta 44 Powercat at the 2006 Annapolis Boat Show
I think the yellow-hulled Manta 44 comports itself rather well in this line-up at the 2006 Annapolis Powerboat Show
To my mind, the Manta 44 is one of the better lookers of the current bevy of available powercats.  But there is a price to pay for good looks - for it's size (44' x 21') it doesn't have as much livable space as some of the "uglier" models.  It does boast a modern, efficient underbody and, from what I've heard, has excellent performance and fuel economy.
Pat Reischmann waves from the cockpit of Cav-ok
The main salon - not that much bigger than a PDQ 34
A handsome, modern profile from this angle
This white-hulled Manta was spotted at the Maritime Center in Charleston.  I like the wave-busting center cutwater.
The boat's name was
PANGAEA.  If I'm not mistaken, that's the original super-continent that North America sprang off from several billion years ago.  Or, perhaps it has another meaning -  sounds like Greek to me!
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