ITALY  2005
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The island of Marano is most famous for its GLASS creations
Nancy and Henry aboard a Vaporato (water taxi) from the island of
Vingole (where we docked our boat) over to Venice - a 10-min ride.
Nancy inside a glass shop in Morano
The picture-postcard-perfect town/island of Burano.  Famous for hand-made lace  -  and delicious fresh seafood!
Here, our friend Ann
Gaddis is being loaded
onto a
water ambulance
for a quick trip from
Burano to the Venice
hospital after an "extreme
shopping" accident.  (She
broke her leg -- in three
places -- after stepping off
a small wooden ramp
leading into a lace store.)

Emergency care in Venice
was excellent - and FREE!
She was returned directly
to our boat by water
ambulence complete with
cast and crutches in a
matter of a hours. Most
Efficient Italian nautical first-responders in action.  We were impressed!
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