ITALY  2005
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From the Venice Lagoon, we cruised some 20 miles up the river Sile passing through a couple of locks.  It was
very scenic and reminiscent of the French rivers and canals where we've cruised in the past.  You can see why
this might be Nancy's favorite form of cruising  -  it really doesn't get much better than this!

At stores within 5-minute's walk we found freshly-baked bread, wine for $1.80/bottle and a Funghi
(mushroom) store with perhaps 30 varieties to choose from - we were not tempted, however.
Swans on the Sile.
Wouldn't be surprised to see these
come to the US pretty  soon.  They
are very cute and get well over 50

There are special parking places for
these in Italy  -  sorta' like handicap
spaces to encourage people to think
Smart cars in Casale Sul Sile.
   Guess that's about it for now...

   I took nearly 200 photos on this
   one-week trip.

-  especially when seen by BOAT!
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