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Hoversite 2003
August 2004
          Summer's Here!
On the beach at Goose Pond.  The craft now has a windshield and New Hampshire boat registration numbers.  In the
background (besides the catamaran waterbike) is my brother's AirCreation trike on floats.  In the foreground is our
85-year-old mother waiting for a ride!
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On August 21st, we loaded up on
the newly-painted trailer and headed
off to the
Connecticut River
Hover-In in Windsor, CT -- about 2
hours south of Hanover.

At the Hover-In, inspite of
threatening weather, we found about
15 hovercraft (a preponderance of
StarCruisers) but also several
home-built UH models including a
13-PT with a recently upgraded
(25HP) thrust engine.
Four Star Cruisers, a Neoteric and a very green UH-13P
line up ready to head for the open water of the CT River.
This was my first experience
running over sand bars  -  we don't
have those on Goose Pond.  Great

My son was busy with football
practice, so I brought along my
79-year-old father-in-law (shown
standing to the left of Hover-In
organizer, John Rich in the photo
to the left).  In spite of the spray
from a rough river (we had 15-20
kt winds)  he was a great sport and
enjoyed his first-ever hover ride.

Unlike the UH-10 in the
foreground, our craft needed no
repairs or tune-ups and performed
Below, that's me zooming downstream on the Connecticut.
Although I had no trouble keeping up with the
(whose GPS indicated 35 mph) it was not ideal conditions
for speed runs because of the squirrelly winds.
A very-nicely finished UH-13PT heads down the ramp for the
CT River.  This is
Finn Arnold and his son from Massachusetts.
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the machine on the water in New Hampshire.
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