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The Fly-ON,
Fly-OFF Trailer is
put to the test...
April 10, 2004
If you haven't already done it by now,
check out my
Ultralights & Amphibs Page
Today, we put trailer through its paces. It
passed with flying colors!  (Actually, some
color will be added later).

Basically, it's a 7' by 14' (by 18" high) flatbed
with a set of ramps which can be attached
either to the front or to the back of the trailer.

To load, the ramps are attached on the back as
shown above. The trailer remains hitched to
the car.

To the left, the 13P is loaded and ready to roll.
In the background you can see our garage and
the 7' high by 14' wide mural (depicting our
Rosborough cruiser in Nova Scotia) which
was painted by my daughter,
Charlotte 7 years
ago. (It has since faded dramatically).
Ready to load -- or fly on, if your brave!
The craft rests comfortably aboard its
new trailer.  It just fits!
Now, the Fly-Off part...  Having
towed the craft over to a field in
Hanover, we prepare for unloading by
unhitching the trailer, puting the tongue
down on the ground, and then
attaching the ramps to the front end of
the trailer.

Oila!  As soon as I fired it up, off it
came.  Very slick!
Flying off the trailer.  Nothing to it!
Flying on turf for the first time with son Mike aboard.  That's the US Army Cold Regions Laboratories in the background.
Flying on turf was less forgiving than flying on ice.  
You don't want to "land" with any sidewards speed -
we damn near capsized before we got the hang of it.
Mike's first solo!  Both he, and the craft, survived!
Michael flying on turf in Hanover, NH
                                                      That's about it for now...
Hopefully, we'll get to try this thing on WATER any day now.  The ice has got to melt sometime!
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