Dinghies - Page 2
Here is our new dinghy, an AB Laminna 9.5 AL, mounted on the davits.  It fits snugly between the davit posts and it's easy to secure so that it doesn't move around.  It must be lowered stern-first at an angle to clear the hulls, but it works smoothly once you learn the trick.  We liked this high mounting position as it keeps the dinghy well clear of rough water - plus it makes our stern name easily visible.
In the photo to the left you can see how the aft tube fits between the davit tubes to keep the dinghy secure.  We use a nylon strap with stainless steel rachet (available from Kato Marine in Annapolis) to pull the dinghy back (to starboard).  A second line pulling the dinghy forward near the bow is all that's needed for a secure installation.  Total weight of the dinghy and motor (which we normally leave on) is a mere 155 pounds. (Motor is a 2-stroke, 8hp).
AB Laminna 9.5 AL dinghy hanging comfortably from the davits on Sno' Dog
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