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  After a day in Westport, we continued on through the Rideau Waterway,
   which actually turns into a beautiful series of lakes until you reach the
   Rideau River which takes you to Ottawa.
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Sno' Dog Log
The six of us at the top of Jones Falls Lock, from the left: Miss My Money, Tyger, Sno' Dog, Gemini, Sea Seņor and "34 PowerCat" demo boat aka Flamingo Flo.
Here we all are (photo by Salwa of PDQ):  Bill & Donna Cook on  Miss My Money, Bob & Susan Mortenson on Gemini, Henry Clews & Nancy Chandler on Sno' Dog, Oscar & Carola Tejeda on Sea Seņor, John Mills on Tyger, and (not shown) Dick & Carol Tushick on a demo boat (aka Flamingo Flo) headed for Newburyport, MA.
Finally!  The real Sno' Dog - no longer a virtual image!
Nancy says "Hi".

There's a reason  it says "Valentine #30" on the inside of our ring bouy - it's a long-standing tradition.

If you'd like to know the full story, you'll have to ask us  Or, you can contact Nancy directly at: