Burlington to Portsmouth
Page 4 - Newport, RI to Portsmouth, NH
Arriving at Newport harbor - always a treat!
Here we are docked at Bannister's Wharf in downtown Newport.  The big boat to the right
is Malcolm Forbes'
Highlander -  even bigger and more ostentatious than Tiger's Privacy
Bannister's Wharf in Newport holds the record (so far) for the most expensive dockage  -
$4.65 per foot!

Plus, they charged us an extra $6 for a 30-Amp hook-up!
Entering the Cape Cod Canal
FOG off Cape Cod - GPS and radar sure are great in this weather
We knew we were in New England when the FOG set in approaching Provincetown at the tip of Cape Cod.  But our trusty Raymarine E-80 with color chartplotter and radar overlay kept us on track.  We easily found the harbor and took a mooring for the night.  The fog cooperatively lifted for a great late afternoon view of the town.
See that little black
?  That's us!
GPS color readout approaching Provincetown, MA
Sunset over Provincetown - Pilgrim monument visible at right
Friends John & Lee Lamson joined us for the trip from Newport to Portsmouth.  Here, they smile after a rough dinghy ride in from a very windy mooring.
John looking at the storm we just missed - thanks to radar!
Radar overlay (in purple) of thunderstorm getting rather close to our boat (in black).  Thanks to radar, we were able to alter course and let the storm pass us by.
A cozy inside-view of the storm.  Not too threatening from here.
Sno' Dog resting comfortably at her summer mooring
So, that concludes this portion of the show.  Sno' Dog is now resting comfortably at her mooring at Great Bay Marine six miles up the Piscataqua River from downtown Portsmouth, NH.  Nancy and I plan to set out for our next cruising adventure in early July - we will head north up the coast of Maine for a couple of weeks.  More photos, no doubt!
Overall, we couldn't be more pleased with our new
boat.  With fuel now approaching $3 per gallon,
we're very happy we picked such an economical
cruiser. All the way from Whitby, Ontario to Portsmouth, NH, we filled our diesel tanks only four times -
including a fill-up on arrival at Great Bay Marina.  We've now got a total of 121 hours on the engines.  With some
slow cruising through the Rideau Waterway we averaged 2.76 gal/hr. With fast cruising (we typically cruise at
about 16 knots at 3200 RPM in open water) the highest number we recorded is 4.05 gal/hr. 
Our average fuel
use to date
- Whitby to Portsmouth, 111 hours of cruising - figures out to 3.65 gallons per hour.  Not too
shabby for a two-cabin cruiser with a 16-knot cruising speed!

I wish I could give you some mileage figures as well, but so far, we have not been able to coax our fancy
Raymarine system into showing us our distance travelled.  Even my little hand-held (Garmin) has this function, so
it's hard to believe that the Raymarine lacks such an obvious feature.  If anyone out there has figured this out,
let me know.
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