2006 Maine Cruise - Page 1
Curtis Island and Lighthouse off Camden, Maine
Our cruise took us from
Portsmouth, New Hampshire up
(down?) the Maine coast past Wells
and York Harbors to Kennebunkport
and Cape Porpoise then into Portland

We docked at
DiMillo's right
downtown in the old port district and
met my oldest son
Henry (38), his
wife Mary and their two kids Hal and
Neddy – the first two of my
grandchildren whom we managed to
visit on this trip!
Hal (5) on the bridge
Neddy (2 1/2) learning the ropes
Kennebunkport Harbor
Nancy survyeing the scene from the porch of Dave & Georgia Pashley's beautiful house on Deer Ilse, ME
  I guess one reason I accepted this invitation so readily was Dave Pashley's signature at the
  end of his e-mails:  
                                        "You need only two tools: WD-40 and duct tape.
                                          If it doesn't move and it should, use WD-40.
                                          If it moves and shouldn't, use duct tape."
 I love it!
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See the Pashley's house
on the VHS movie jacket
We continued northeast
through Casco Bay, to
Friendship where we were
literally the only non-lobster
boat in the harbor.
When we checked our e-mail
in Portland, we found a
friendly invitation from a
Sno’ Dog Log reader for free
dockage at his waterfront
house on Deer Ilse near
Stonington.  I wrote back
telling him to be careful what
he wished for and saying
we'd be there in two days!
Cape Porpoise Harbor.  We appear to be the ONLY non-lobster boat in the harbor!
He replied with a photo of his house and an
approximate location.
Amazingly, we were able to recognize the house
from about 10 miles away and pull right up to his
floating dock (photo below).  Turns out, his house
was used in the movie
“A Man Without a Face”
(directed by, and starring, Mel Gibson) and the
movie company paid for a very nice new dock!
That's Nancy in the photo to the right standing on the
porch of this elegant house which has an
unobstructed view of the Camden hills.
As blind dates go, it turned out great!  They took us
out for an excellent lobster dinner in Stonington and,
in exchange, he and his wife got to check out a new
PDQ right at their own dock.
(Note to Rob or Beth: I want a commission on this