Burlington to Portsmouth
Page 3 - West Point to Fishers Island
The New York City skyline appears as we head under the George Washington Bridge.
                     We are moving faster than the traffic crossing the bridge!
A rare photo of the "Captain" manning the helm.  Here, we're about to dock at Fishers Island Yacht Club
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Newport, RI to Portsmouth, NH
Rounding the tip of Manhattan in a boat is always a trip!

Photo at left is the approximate site of the former World Trade Center, it's not easy to see the exact location from the water.

The area appears very prosperous now.
In the photo at right we're heading north on the East River.  The Brooklin Bridge and Lady Liberty are visible in the background.

Once into Long Island Sound, our next stop was Mamaroneck, NY
  Another bridge!  This is Hell's Gate!
(Not looking too hellish at the moment.)
Above: The 120-ft, 20-million-dollar "Privacy" owned by Tiger Woods.  He was in Mamaroneck for the US Open.  We docked for the night here - free, no less!