Burlington to Portsmouth
Page 2 - Ft. Edward to West Point
Another tough day of cruising!  A bit of rain hardly affected our enjoyment as "cocktail hour" rolled around.
        Here, we're on the upper Hudson, still part of the Champlain Canal, just above Mechanicville, NY.
Welcome to Mechanicville!  Free Docking, Free Power, and Free - does that say - Mate ? !!!
Somebody must have known Nancy was not aboard for this leg of the trip!
No free mate was found however -  but they did have free pump-outs!
A Bald Eagle spotted near Kingston, NY
There are at least four beautiful old lighthouses on the Hudson between Albany and New York City.  Here are three of them...
Noele (drinking coffee again!) as we pass famous West Point on the lower Hudson River
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West Point to Fishers Island
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