Christmas 2006
An e-card version of our Christmas card this year...
PDQ's Christmas Card - circa 2006
Guess those PDQ powercats are just too darned fast for poor old Santa!
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  PDQ didn't have a "Seasonal Page" this year, but
  luckily for you (!) you can still see: 
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  Last Year's  Christmas Card
  Sno' Dog cruisin' in the snow!
Ho, Ho, Ho...
A seldom-heard-from member of our family, BENIE the Bengal cat.
At Left: Snow dog Madison as she looks today - some 8 years after the photo used on our Sno' Dog boat was taken.  She's now 10 years old, so in dog years, she's about the same age as Nancy & I!
Notice any similarity?
It's tough having 4-in legs in 6-in of snow!