Henry, Nancy, Michael and (snow dog) Madison wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Sno Dog Log  -  2005 Christmas Card
For those of you who've asked if this is a real picture, the answer is, of course, YES! (Although I suppose it depends on your definition of real - as President Clinton might say). What you're looking at is a real Photoshop image and I really created it -  and you're really looking at it!  So, believe it!  The people on the flying bridge really are Nancy & I (although it's pretty clear that we're not dressed appropriately for winter weather.)
The house you see behind our virtual boat (we didn't own Sno' Dog in Dec 2005) is our REAL house at 22 School Street in Hanover, New Hampshire. I must admit, in the interest of full disclosure, that the Christmas Tree is fake.  It was added by Salwa Farah of PDQ.
(But, the warm glow emanating from the tree was my addition - subtle, eh?)
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Hanover House