FLORIDA    -    March 2008   -   Photo Album
Back from a month in the Bahamas... Nancy headed out for another Operation Smile medical mission in Cambodia, and I concentrated on fixing up our new winter headquarters:
unit number
1300 at Nettles Island condo village, aka "Chateau Florida".
A couple of royal palms, shutters on the windows, and some landcaping does wonders to spruce up our humble winter abode.
Dean at the helm!  A dramatic overhead shot of Sno' Dog on the ICW.
Upon Nancy's return, we took her mother, Belle and father-in-law, Dean McKusick, for a mini-cruise up to Vero Beach and back.
Belle and Dean on the fly bridge - Dean at the helm
Madison and Dean watch as we cruise up the South Fork
Next, we prepare for the onslaught of kids and grand-kids. Altogether, I (Henry) have five children and six grandchildren. My daughter, Meg is coming with her husband and 2 daughters in March, and my eldest son, Henry is coming with his wife and son & daughter in April. To see the pics from those visits, click on the links to the right...
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