05/25/08 - 8:00 AM - Dep. dock - headed out Manasquan Inlet
Sunday    9:55 AM - off Sandy Hook
               10:30 AM - passing under Verrazano Narrows Bridge
               11:30 AM - through Hell's Gate !
                3:15 PM  - Arr:
Milford, CT - Milford Landing dock
                Today: 88.4 n mi  -  Eng: 7.3 hrs  - Smooth sailing!

05/26/08 - 8:45 AM - Dep. dock - out into Long Island Sound
Monday    1:00 PM - passing Watch Hill, RI - wind SW 20
                2:20 PM - off Point Judith - wind SW 25 - rough!
                3:30 PM - Arr:
Newport, RI - Newport Yachting Ctr
Filled Fuel tanks: 61.6 gallons
               Today: 78.5 n mi.  -  Eng: 6.6 hrs.

05/27/08 -  8:30 AM - Dep. Newport - rain & fog, wind SW 15
Tuesday    9:35 AM - off Sakonnet Pt. - wind SW 20, seas 4 ft
                11:50 AM - enter Cape Cod Canal - Whew!
                12:40 PM - enter Cape Cod Bay, water temp 46* !!!
                 4:30 PM - Arr:
Gloucester, MA - Browns Boat Yd.
                 Today: 94.9 n mi. -  Eng: 8.0 hrs

05/27/08 -  8:40 AM - Dep. dock - wind NW 15, temp 52*
Wed       9:25 AM - out of Annisquam Canal, into the ocean
                11:30 AM - Arr:
Portsmouth, NH - Prescott Park dock
                 2:30 PM - Arr: Great Bay Marina,
Newington, NH
                                        Summer homeport of the
Sno' Dog
                 Today: 36.8 n mi.  -  Eng: 4.5 hrs
Spring 2008   -   Florida to New Hampshire   -   Page 4
Arriving in New York City by boat is always a thrill, even without the WTC buildings, the Manhattan skyline is impressive.
               If you look carefully, you can see the image in Kit's camera as he snaps a shot just like mine!
The log of the Sno' Dog continues...
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Kit coming on deck as we pass under the Hell Gate Bridge.  New York City visible in the background.
Madison & Kit  pause for snapshot in front of Sno' Dog at the Milford Landing Docks in Connecticut
Rounding Pt. Judith at the entrance to Narragansett Bay
Water Temp: 46.22 degrees, a lot colder than Florida!
A band of thunderstorms moved across Boston Bay as we neared Gloucester.  Click on the photo and you can see them clearly on our new RayMarine E-120 with radar overlay in bright purple.
The Blynham Bridge at the entrance to the Annisquam Canal which cuts inside Cape Ann from Gloucester, MA
The LAST LOAD!  After four weeks aboard, we unpacked at Great Bay Marina, Sno' Dog's home port for the summer of '08.
        (Look carefully inside the cart - or click on the photo.)
Here's a quick Summary of our northbound trip: Jensen Beach, FL to Portsmouth, NH
Link to last Fall's trip South - '07 NH-to-FL
Total distance:  1337 nautical miles = 1538 statute miles
Running time:  141 engine hours
26 days
Total Fuel used:  497 US gallons
51.4 nautical miles per day
5.4 (engine) hours per day
9.5 n miles per hour (of engine time)
3.5 gallons per hour (of engine time)
2.7 nautical miles per gallon of fuel
= 3.1 statute miles per gallon
Surprisingly, this trip was more miles than our entire BalticTrip last summer - that total was a mere 1185 n mi.
Even though our speed was generally faster during this Spring's trip, our mileage didn't suffer too much.  We continued to average well under 4 gallons per hour and run nearly 3 miles to the gallon.  For a comfortable boat with a 15-kt cruising speed, we think that's
Pretty Damn Good!
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FYI: We do plan to attend this summer's PDQ-U and Rendezvous in Rhode Island in mid-July where we hope to reunite with old friends and meet new PDQ owners.
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One more thing: My article "A Baltic Adventure" is now in print & can be seen in this month's issue of PassageMaker.
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Sno' Dog is now "Home" for the summer...
Averages for Trip:
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Kit & Madison keeping watch as we pass through the Annisquam Canal. The sea was calm, but the temp was in the 40's - a bit of a shock after a winter in Florida and the Bahamas!