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Official Log of Sno' Dog - FL to NH - Spring 2008 - Page 2 - Charleston, SC to Norfolk, VA
  Charleston !
This lovely scene greeted us on our arrival at the Charleston Maritime Center.  (Actually, part of a waterfront wedding party)
05/11/08 - We stayed again today in Charleston, SC due to tornado warnings and winds gusting over 40 knots!
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Look carefully at the flags above. This unretouched photo was taken at the Charleston Marime Center with winds gusting over 40 knots - apparently from every direction!
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The Charleston Maritime Center marina is pretty rolly when the wind is out of the East - which it was for a few hours early this morning - but the advantage of this location is that it's only a few minute's walk to a 24-hr supermarket (Harris Teeter), an excellent deli/bakery (the oldest in Charleston) and the downtown Market Square is only a 10-minute walk from here.

5:00 PM - We thought the storms had abated, but now, watching TV, we see they have re-issued tornado warnings for the Charleston area until 7:00 PM tonight.
Stay tuned...
8 PM - We're still alive... Apparently, a tornado did touch down a mere two miles from our present location - a bit too close for comfort!
05/12/08 - 10:10 AM - Depart Charleston - wind: NW 20 kts.
Monday 10:40 AM - Re-join ICW at Sullivan's I.
                  2:45 PM - Arr:
Georgetown, SC -  Boat Shed Marina
Filled aft diesel tank - 66.5 gal - 1st fuel since St Augustine, FL
               Today: 53.1 n mi.  -  Eng: 4.7 hrs.

05/13/08 - 10:15 AM - Depart Georgetown - wind: NW 15 kts.
Tuesday 11:20 AM - passing Brookgreen Gardens
                3:05 PM - enter "Rock Pile" secn.of ICW, Myrtle Bch.
                4:00 PM - arr:
North Myrtle Beach, SC
                docked at Myrtle Beach Yacht Club (they have CATV
                              so we can watch
American Idol!)
                Today: 46.4 n mi.  -  Eng: 5.9 hrs

05/14/08 - 10:25 AM - Dep. marina - another early start!
Wed      10:45 AM - enter NC at Calabash Creek
                  1:20 PM - Southport, NC  Cape Fear R.
                  3:10 PM - Wrightsville Beach, NC
                 5:10 PM - Arr:
Surf City, NC
                  docked at Beach House Marina
                Today: 68.9 n mi.  -  Eng: 6.9 hrs

05/15/08 - 10:25 AM - Dep. marina - nice spot!
Thur     2:25 PM - passing Morehead City, NC
                2:45 PM - Arr:
Beaufort, NC
               docked at Beaufort Docks
   Filled aft fuel tank: 57.9 gal - since last fill-up:
          173 n mi., 17.2 hrs =
3.4 gal/hr - 3.0 n mi/gal
              Today: 49.2 n mi  -  Eng: 4.4 hrs
           windy, rainy weather forecast for tomorrow...

05/16/08 - 10:15 AM - Dep Beaufort Docks - wind: SW 20 kts
Friday    10:30 AM  - through the Beaufort bridge
               10:40 AM - re-join ICW at end of Gallant Channel
               12 Noon - off Oriental, NC - Neuse R. very choppy!
                3:00 - PM - arr:
Belhaven, NC - Waterway Marina
                Today: 55.6 n mi  -  Eng: 5.0 hrs
"Cheap" fuel prices along the ICW in SC
Docked at the Maritime Center on the Cooper River in Charleston, SC
Along the "Rock Pile" section of the ICW near Myrtle Beach.  That's Great Expectations ahead of us, they are completing their Great Loop trip.
The cable cars run from Rte 17 to a golf course.
Docked next to us in Surf City was Simplicity.  These guys, Alan & Linda Weiland, are headed around the Great Loop in their 23-ft C-Dory look-alike.  You can check out their blog by clicking here.
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There were also some really tiny craft doing the ICW !
The Belhaven Town Hall, Museum & Police station
A pair of Canadian geese with chicks in Belhaven, NC
Every once in a while you meet something really BIG coming down the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW)
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05/17/08 - 10:45 AM - Dep. Belhaven, NC - v friendly marina!
Saturday 11:35 AM - enter Alligator R - Pungo R canal
                3:00 PM - Arr: Alligator River Marina,
Columbia, NC
                exciting snake removal fr cockpit of sailboat "Flirt"
                Today: 45.9 n mi.  -  Eng: 4.8 hrs  (easy day)

05/18/08 - 10:15 AM - Dep. Alligator River Marina
Sunday   10:30 AM - enter Albermarle Sound, wind SW 20 kts
                12:40 PM - boarded by CG for a "Safety Inspection"
(we passed, except for lack of proper Garbage & Oil Discharge placards)
                 1:00 PM - passing Elizabeth City, NC
                 3:30 PM - Lock into Dismal Swamp Canal at South Mills
                 4:15 PM - Arr.Visitor Ctr dock at the
Great Dismal Swamp
                                Welcome Center
in South Mills, NC
                 Today: 46.4 n mi.  -  Eng: 6.3 hrs

05/19/08 - 10:10 AM - Dep. Dismal Swamp Visitor Ctr. dock
Monday   1:15 PM - arr Deep Creek Lock
                5: 00 PM - through Jordan Bridge (had to wait 2 hours
Filled both Fuel Tanks: 95.5 gallons
                5:30 PM - arr: Waterside Marina,
Norfolk, VA
                Today: 22.3 n mi  -  Eng: 5.3 hrs  (ave speed: 3.1 kts!)
          Nancy departs via SW airline for Hanover, NH tomorrow,
          Madison & I carry on...
Snow Dog, Madison keeping watch
  Continue the journey...
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