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Sno' Dog Sighting in Jupiter
A fully-grown female of this normally shy Canadian species was sighted recently near Jupiter, Florida
-- far from her native habitat.  Even for this breed, the markings are curious indeed!  One can only
speculate as to her lineage -- could a feline have been involved?
Close examination by "photographer" Henry Clews shows the presence of a 2006 NH registration sticker; and
even closer scrutiny reveals this to be PDQ 34 Powercat
hull number 87!                                  HMC - 11/19/04
Happy Holidays!
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Note: The "photo" above was one of my early efforts at a color scheme for our new powercat. But, when I showed
it to Rob Poirier of PDQ, he worried that people might think the owners of such a boat were perhaps
a bit flaky!
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