ITALY 2005
Here are some PHOTOS from our trip to Venice  -
 September 19 - 26, 2005
We chartered a U-drive
houseboat, a
Locaboat.  They've
recently opened an
Italian base in Chioggia
near Venice - which is
actually operated by the
Italian company,
Rendez-Vous Fantasia.  
We highly recommend
both companies, their
service and boats are

This has got to be one of
the the best ways to see
Venice and and the
islands of the Venetian
Gondolas on the Grand Canal.  Venice is certainly best seen from the water.  What better than from one's own boat?
Here's our Penichette at the Chioggia base on our night of arrival.  We were greeted by a full moon.
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A brief stop-over on the way from Chioggia to Venice
Arriving at Venice by boat is pretty cool!   Nancy at the helm, friend Debbie Watts behind.
In the background is Piazza San Marco, Venice's most famous landmark.
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